New Affiliates Get $50 Bonus at WidgetBucks

A while back I did a couple reviews and posts on WidgetBucks and how they were performing on a few of my sites. This was quite a while ago and since then, WidgetBucks have added a few improvements to their network. Their latest improvement is their new BlogWorld ad campaign, where they partnered with a few well known bloggers to offer a $50 bonus to new affiliates. If you aren’t already an affiliate with WidgetBucks, all you need to do is signup and earn $100 in commissions and WidgetBucks will include a $50 BONUS in your next check. Sites running WidgetBucks have seen click amounts range anywhere from .10 to .50+ and there are many high end categories to choose from, so racking up your first $100 in commissions shouldn’t be too hard.

Other improvements to the network:
– New skins and designs for displaying ads
– Now Accepting Non-US Affiliate Sites
– WidgetBucks is a Top Earner for ProBlogger

Join WidgetBucks for Your $50 Bonus!


If you are attending Blog World later this week, you can meet up with WidgetBucks personally, as they are one of the event sponsors. Additionally, we are still taking entries for our “Affiliate Dinner” during BlogWorld in Las Vegas. The dinner is sponsored by MarketLeverage and three winners will be selected to have a dinner with John Chow, Shoemoney, Copyblogger, Problogger, Jim Kukral and the MarketLeverage team. (You must be present at BlogWorld and at the Super Panel session) – REGISTER TO WIN.

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  1. This web site was completely unfunctionable the first time I heard about it. People hated it because they were not getting counted for every click they got. I think that is what turned me off right away. They really need to put a lot of effort into getting all those people back and by getting some popular bloggers to help them is a start.

    I think their main problem though is that people that will try it out will first search Google and see a lot of negative blog posts about it. It will be exciting to see if they can get really popular among bloggers.

  2. I really hope they do… I have about $30 on my account w/them but stopped using it because they slow sites down… I would certainly hope they have improved now

  3. I'll be signing up. I'd like to see if it's changed since what I've read about it in these comments above me and in the past.

  4. I hate Widget Bucks, back in Oct07 when they first started it was good, but now once you install the widget code it automatically creates pop ups, to many pop ups that is annoying, and their paying structure SUCKS, I have generated the minimum payout amount at the end of July and I still haven’t seen a payment, I e-mail Widget Bucks and I never got a response back.

    I think Widget Bucks should warn their affiliates about the Pop Ups in Big Letters and not in the fine print. If your running a PPC campaign and you have Widget Bucks well guess what its against Google’s Adsense polices to have pop ups.

    Aim sure everyone else is with me on this, We like to get paid right away once we meet our minimum payout not wait 45 days later.

    Besides their Reports always been down, widget bucks sucks, that’s what happens when you get greedy. If WB was a better company they don’t have to offer any bonuses.

    1. For some reason WidgetBuck's comments were getting posted, so they wanted me to add the following:

      @edgar. It sounds like you have not had a very positive experience with WidgetBucks. Hopefully this comment can clear a few things up, but I also want to provide my email in case you need additional and more specific clarification: We announced our popunders back in the spring and they are optional. you simply click the opt-out button within the create or edit widget page. Also, I agree with you that being paid right away would be great. But the reality of it is that our feed providers don't pay us until after 30 days. We've actually paid each and every month over our first year and usually in less than 45 days. Those who have not been paid are usually special circumstances (you are likely hearing just their half of the story), but often click fraud or a violation of our TOS has occurred. Finally, we've just rolled out a new reporting interface, and while we've had a few hiccups in the reporting stability, we've recently made some upgrades to the system wich is now much more reliable.

  5. Hey Zac ive just submited my blog and it was declined …didnt you said they are accepting at this post NON ENGLISH sites…..damn

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