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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Print24. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently had the opportunity to order new business cards through It’s always nice to try out new services, as over the past several years, I always used Vista Print for my printing. Here’s a review on the Print24 web site, what they have to offer and how my new business cards ended up.

Once you get to the Print24 web site, you are given a full menu right on the main page. Depending on what product you select, all of the pull downs and setup will automatically update so you can start customizing your print work. Instead of going with my current business card design, I decided to create a new one. If you have a pdf/jpeg or file for an existing design, it’s really simple to just import the file, then order cards.

Going through the actual design process and creating a new card gave me the opportunity to see what Print24 has to offer. As mentioned, I currently have my own premium business cards with front and back, high quality paper from a while back, but wanted to create something different. It’s always a good idea to order more business cards, even if you have them just as a back up, or for when you don’t want to give our your best cards, or your full information.

I went through the design section, picked the “business” category and went through their massive display of options. Next I fill in my text, changed the font design and added in my own company logo to the left of the card. I was skeptical in the beginning on how well the card would end up, but I think it’s pretty cool in the end.

Here is the design I came up with after playing around in the design section. Unfortunately my scanner would not display the best of quality / color on the design, but you get the idea.

Quality of Business Cards:
Once the cards arrived, they came back as designed and expected. When I created the cards on the site, I went with the basic paper quality they offered, and no design on the back. If I was to create more professional cards that I would be handing out for business, I would go with the higher quality and create a back design. With a new card design, I would probably order some additional stationary as well. Everyone likes having their own company paper!

250 Free Business Cards:
Print24 currently has a promotion for 250 free business cards. For anyone who attends conferences or exhibit halls, and doesn’t want to throw their high quality cards away in the prize buckets, this is a great alternative. Create a quick business card with your information and throw these into the prize boxes instead. It’s always good to have extra business cards lying around the office anyway.

As a customer of Print24, I would like to see the following changes to the site:
– Right when you get to the site, there are so many options thrown at your face that it can get overwhelming. The same thing happens along the design/ordering process. I really like how other sites break down the design process and span if over a page or two more.

– Ordering: I was disappointed when I got to the order form page and saw that Print24 did not accept American Express, the preferred card for many business owners. It may cost a bit more to process orders, but it might also be losing customers.

– Affiliate Program: Since we are in the affiliate marketing industry, I still find it amazing that some companies don’t take advantage of cpa business. I did not see an affiliate program form Print24 anywhere, but I think this could easily increase their business, and another option they should look at.

In the end, the order process and business cards received from Print24 was a success. I would have no problem with using their print services again.

Order a free set of business cards at Print24.

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  1. If you have Word on your computer, you can make them that way. Word has business card templates that you can choose from. Just pick one you want and type in your name and phone # on it.

  2. I have been a fan of vista print for years, expecialy with the 90% off coupons you can find in most forums. I am not seeing anything that makes me want to switch.. but I could be wrong.

  3. Really shocking service from Print24. These guys are very very cheap, but sadly in this case it means very very nasty! My latest batch of promo flyers are just unusable because of a massive printing error and the colour varies so much across the batch that the first flyer is almost a completely different flyer to the last one.

    Please do yourself a favour, spend the extra few pounds and print in the UK….

    Dreadful 🙁

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