New Business Development Contact at NeverBlueAds

One of my TOP 3 favorite networks, NeverBlueAds, just recently introduced a new feature to their affiliate network. Instead of just having an affiliate manager, you are now also assigned with a Business Developer as well. So what exactly does this mean?

Pretty much everything stays the same as always with you and your affiliate manager. They will continue to ask as your daily contact, who you go to for higher rates and new offers on the network.

Think of your new business developer as your second affiliate manager, but who you would target any questions towards for long term relationships, or if you would like to see new offers on their network.

NeverBlueAds sent out an announcement email the other day to all affiliates and basically said, “The Business Development Department is an extra team that can help you to move your business forward. Your Business Development Manager should be contacted if there is an offer that NeverblueAds is not currently offering or an opportunity for growth you wish to pursue.

Another point that was made was, “If your Affiliate Manager is away or you are unable to reach them, you are encouraged to contact the out-of-office contact specified in your Affiliate Managers return emails and voicemails.” I’m sure many affiliates, including myself, would attempt to contact their “Business Developer” if they were unable to contact their affiliate manager… as they seem to be your second contact, but that isn’t the case.

If you are currently an affiliate with NeverBlueAds, have you given any thought to the new “Business Developer” contact added to your account, and to take action on it? I have always contacted my Affiliate Manager directly with any “new offer” suggestions or questions, and usually they were taken care of. With the addition of the Business Developer contact, I wonder if NeverBlueAds will have a lot of new offers being added to the network, as I would think that is their main reason for adding the new contact.

Login or Join NeverBlueAds to see your new Business Development contact.

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  1. That's very cool! I've been impressed with the level of support coming from neverblue… and this only solidifies my preexisting beliefs toward this marketing powerhouse. Thanks for the update, I hadn't noticed they added this 🙂

  2. I worship money, but will be in a casket like everyone else in the world 😉

  3. I am not sure if all the affiliates would need a Development Manager. The affiliate manager normally develops a strong relation with the affiliate and is closet in sync with the affiliates needs and capabilities.

    DM could come into play for certain super affiliates.

    But hats off to them for thinking outside them box.

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