New eBay Affiliate Payout Structure

Starting June 1st, 2007 eBay will release their new affiliate payout structure… and amazingly enough it’s for the better! I really have never promoted eBay that much since I felt it was already a very saturated offer, and also not that great of a fit for my high traffic sites. However, with these new commission rates coming into play and fooling around with AuctionAds… this might actually improve numbers quite a bit! The new payout structure really helps out the smaller affiliates, more than doubling commissions on new active users to ebay, without having to send big volume. The monthly rev share tiers have also been increased a decent amount. Though I still feel eBay is quite saturated and will be tough to send in new active users, it will be very exciting to see how these numbers pan out… as well as affecting AuctionAds numbers. I would love to be able to give AuctionAds much better placement and volume if we can get those darn earnings per click rates up! 🙁

Take a look at the commission chart comparison below. eBay’s current payout structure is on the bottom and the new structure coming June 1st are shown on top. This could actually get exciting!

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  1. thats really good.. hopefully we will see that with auction ads… glad im starting to use them

  2. Man those are pretty good payouts. Porn doesn't even pay that much out for every sale you make.

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