New Home Down Time

It’s been a few days now since Reena and I have moved into the new house and it’s been really great and exciting. We moved in on Thursday and had a big house warming BBQ party on Saturday! The party was mainly all friends and family, but was pretty cool to pull it off with only being in the house for about 48 hours. Now it’s time to get to business!… At least, that’s what I had hoped for. Before moving in I talked with a company called AllConnect, which sets up all the installations and quotes for internet, cable and phone lines. For internet setup they said Comcast would be over on Sept 4. It had already been a few days with no cable and internet in the house, so Reena and I were both excited to have it setup. I grabbed my Treo and checked my Gmail for the Comcast invoice which had the time they were supposed to arrive. The date was different than the last time I checked, so I called AllConnect and they said Comcast had changed the installation date to Sept 6th! Now I have to wait another two days before I can start working online again. I then called Comcast directly to see if they can have this done any earlier. To my surprise, the lady then tells me she has Sept 7th as the installation date! How ridiculous… over a week now, just to get internet in the house. What’s even more ridiculous is that everything was already setup in the house (Comcast internet, DirectTV and Phone Lines) from the previous owner, but all the providers wanted all the boxes and setups sent back, just so they could re-bill for installation again! 🙁 In the meantime I’ve been able to catch up on my fishing and showing off the house to some friends and family that stop by.

My Grandma, Mom, Me, Reena, Grandpa, Heidi and My Dad at the BBQ Party!

Whenever I need to get online I drive back to my parents house and work on my desktop which is still there. Once I’m setup with internet, everything will be transferred over to the new house and I’ll but up and running again. The good news is, even without being online, everything has been running smoothly and as it should. I can check my email through my Treo and make sure all my sites are online, but I can’t make blog posts, which is unfortunate. Once everything is up and running again, look forward to seeing 1-2 new posts daily. Now that I will have my own place, two dedicated business rooms and now a dedicated blogger, I promised myself to now make more than ever, have bigger and better sites and help even more people start living the amazing dream of making money online and living your life the way you want! I have some really cool updates for you from the past two weeks. New ppc tips, NeverBlueAds performance numbers, AuctionAds updates and some new contests and goodies to throw at you!

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  1. finish up your last bit of stuff and start to throw in your post! Haha, maybe an income report?

  2. It sucks to go without internet for an extended period of time, I recently moved as well but because I was using ClearWire I always had internet. (Side note though, don't get ClearWire it sucks).

    Nice house though 😀

  3. over a week now, just to get internet in the house.

    Over here (in the UK), one of my colleagues recently moved. He was told it's take 20 working days to get him connected (ADSL), and on the last day (yesterda), he phoned them asking what was happening to be told the previous occupants hadn't cancelled their broadband, and it'd take BT 10 days to remove the "mark" on the line, and a further 10-20 working days to get broadband turned on again! 🙁

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