New Home Owner

Well the day had finally come, and I am now a New Home Owner! A few weeks ago in my last post about buying a house, and the horrid scenario of negotiating and bulkhead problems. After that last post, even more negotiating and craziness went on. I basically told the buyers I was no longer interested in the house. They then came back a few days later and offered $2,000 off the price, to cover the $25,000 I had asked for (which was also quoted), for the repair of the bulkhead. The $2k credit was really nothing, so I declined again. After that they came back with an offer to take all the furniture in the house for $10k, (which they originally wanted $20k for), which I also declined. A few more offers came along, which were higher. They eventually came to offering a $20k credit. The cost to fix the bulkhead was quoted at $25k, and could be more or less depending on who actually does the job, so I really wanted the actual price credited. I then told them to offer the $20k credit and take the rest from the brokers/realtors. It worked! I was able to get a $24k credit for the bulkhead. I also purchased all of the furniture in the house for $20k, which is all super high quality furniture and relieves us from the stress of having to go out and buy/move everything.

Yesterday I signed all the papers and we are now living in the house. There was a few scares at the closing where I had to sign all the papers. First there was a change that needed to be made to the final price, which was the credit from the realtors/brokers for the bulkhead. The other problem was a name change on the documents, but in the end it all worked out fine. There were so many delays and back and fourths, it’s amazing that we are finally actually in it! Internet, DirecTV and  Alarm System and are being setup next week, so my blogging may be slow over the next week, as I need to post from my previous home.

Here are a few pictures of the house and the furniture I purchased with the house:

Front View of House Rear View of House
Downstairs Office Room Kitchen / Living Room Area
Business / Entertainment Loft Area Master Bathroom

Right now I’m in the process of deciding how I want to setup the master office room up stairs, next to the entertainment loft area. I will keep you updated with new pictures and events as things progress. I may even have to make an "Affiliate Cribs" video, walking you through the house!

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  1. Nice House ,,do you have a full time job or is your websites all you have as income ? just curious

  2. Congrats to your new home, ten years of striving on the marketing world, i guess i have to work harder to get to such results!

  3. Zac,

    That is a dream house. You should see my condo!! 😀

    I should move there, but I cannot leave Italy.

    How much was it?

    You know what, I really need some good advise on how to make money online!!!


  4. All of these super affiliate blogs just seem to brag about what they have and never really talk about making money, John Chow got lucky with a ringtone site and now makes good money so people think he's this affiliate god, It doesnt take talent to place google code on your site and collect a check. who cares about your hummer and house, I'm not at this blog to see what you have, I want to make money

    1. "Inside the Secret Life of a Super Affiliate"… to me it sounds like personal posts fit in. I'm not bragging, just stating what's going on in my life. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    2. With all of the false prophets out there selling e-books and whatnot, Zac is a refreshing, real success story.

      He's been at this for a long time, and I know, because I've been watching his work since way back when I met him on an Affiliate Force cruise.

      I like that he includes more personal stuff like this – it's all part of the recipe for who he is, and this is a good example of the results of hard work.

      It doesnt take talent to place google code on your site and collect a check.

      I don't think anybody disagrees there. soak in what Zac talks about here, as well as his techniques to market and grow the blog itself.

      Everything that happens here can and should be considered fodder for ideas and inspirations – at least it is for me.

    1. Thanks John. The house warming bbq party was actually on Saturday. Just family and friends, around 40 of them. It went pretty well, especially for being two days after officially moving in!

  5. Zac, I can really sympathize with you. I have had the "pleasure" of buying and selling several homes and I can't think of a more stressful process. On one purchase we were $2000 apart on the price and the seller wanted to carry back the $2G. The realtors split the difference and we got the house.

    The pictures look great…what a beautiful home. Would like to see the video tour.

    1. Lots of work for the office room… three monitors/computers and now looking to knock the wall down and expand the two downstairs room to make one big office room.

  6. Congrats man. I'm guessing NJ isnt a cheap area to live in and it looks to be a nice house.

    I'm still waiting for the market to figure itself out here on the west coast as its been slowing for a bit. When a shack starts at like 295, I can only hope it gets better or I get transferred to somewhere cheap 😉

    1. Yea, NJ housing prices are insane… not to mention the fun tax prices too! Just without the annual property tax, living in florida over NJ would save me high/mid range five figures a month in taxes!

      1. get up and move.. as an internet mogul, you could move pretty easily.. except you just bought a house.. lol.

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  14. Very nice house see hard work pays off everyone congrats on the house. Very classy looking.
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