New Ideas and Hot Searches for PPC Campaigns

If you’ve been promoting the same ad campaigns for a while and looking to get into some new niche areas or follow the world media with what’s hot, a new site from Yahoo can help you out. While other search Yahoo Buzz for hot articles and use it as a new “Digg” type of resource, marketers can utilize their “Top Searches” features for new ideas on whats hot and what people are searching for.

Check Yahoo Buzz Daily for New Top Searches

The “Top Searches” feature on Yahoo Buzz is updated hourly, and not only serves as a top list, but also provides the option for you to search Yahoo results, or lookup to the Top Articles relating to the topic. How can you tell if a “top search” has any value or is worth targeting? Simply click on “search results” for the specific top search, then you can compare how many and what quality advertisements are shown for that individual keyword. The “Top Articles” feature is also there for research. Average users to Yahoo Buzz can look up the top articles, but as an internet marketer, you can see how others are targeting towards these keywords and link to these type of pages if you are going to create a resource web site for the niche terms.

If you watch Yahoo Buzz for a few days, you may see some drastic changes in the Top Searches. This makes perfect sense because people are only interested in something for so long. However in many cases, there may be a hot topic that you can focus on and grab a decent amount of traffic from the long tail of it’s related searches and any future news or media that may focus on the keyword/search in the future. Once you think you may have come across a new keyword or niche area to focus on, be sure to check and compare search and advertiser competition with Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool.

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  1. Same as Tryoy, It's my to do list as it can help to determine keyword tags which could invite high traffics…

  2. Thanks for the share Zac, I usually use Google Trends and did not know about Yahoo Buzz, thanks again.

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