New Microsoft Seinfeld Commercial Causes Confusion

Last night I was in the kitchen, then Reena called me in for a new Bill Gates / Windows commercial. I ran in just as it started… so what the heck was it all about!?! For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, watch it now, then proceed with the post.

So… what was that all about? Besides a Mega-BILLIONAIRE hanging out with a MEGA-Millionaire… and a mega billion dollar company spending big bucks on a 1:30 second commercial… which seemed like a mini movie trailer. While many viewers were probably left scratching their heads and saying “WTF was that!“… others have their own opinions. For those not interested in reading into it all too much, this commercial was the first of a series (just like the “I’m a Mac/PC Commercials”)… from Microsoft and their $300 million campaign for Windows.

Bill Gates Don't Compare

As the commercial comes to an end, Seinfeld asks Gates if Microsoft will “come out with something that makes our computers moist and chewy like cake so we can just eat them while we’re working.” Gates wiggles his rear to answer in the affirmative. The commercial ends with the Windows logo and the phrase “Delicious.”

What is this hinting?… probably in the area that Microsoft still has a few tricks up their sleeves and that they will still be around for years and years to come. With FireFox and Apple gaining market share every day, and the new release of Google Chrome… Microsoft has plenty to worry about, but they are so huge in size, they have the man power and money to make things happen. In the meantime, we will all have to wait for those moist and chewy computers to come out.

What did you think of the commercial and is this your first time seeing it?

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  1. These look the first commercials to fight against the "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials. MS hired one of the best ad agencies to make them look hip. But, man, Bill Gates in a commercial is just not hip, even when he pokes fun at himself. They should have had Jerry working solo. Who know, the next ones might be better.

    1. The Mac commercials just annoy me though. Way overpriced. They are the slowest computer when put on a server.

  2. I saw the commercial last night after hearing my dad talk about it. It confused him as well but I think they did an awesome job at what they wanted to do.

    They created a commercial that people are remembering and they give a slight hint as to what may be coming. People aren't too sure what exactly it may be for but it caught their interest and they may now be on the lookout for more ads.

    1. Right, despite people being confused, Microsoft and the commercial are getting extra attention and publicity through the internet from all the of bloggers and news coverage on the commercial.

  3. I think the commercial was too long, although I'm sure a truncated version probably airs.

    I think it would have been better without Seinfeld, with just Gates. And running a series of the commercials like the I am a PC/Mac and Geico caveman commercials seems wise to me.

    I just think the commercial would be more interesting with just Gates and other random people, but no celebrities such as Jerry. Do you have links to the other videos, or are they not out yet?

    1. The other videos aren't out yet. I think it would be smart of Microsoft to change it up a bit (if they are using celebs) and try to have Gates with a different "popular" celebrity, so it can almost target/interest everyone by the time the campaign ends.

  4. Yeah, my girlfriend and I saw it last night for the first time. She thought it was really funny up until the point where they started talking about computers. I thought it was pretty strange overall, but I did feel like it left me waiting for what's coming next.

  5. It will be fun to read all the bloggers speculating what the commercial is about. Personally, I have no idea what MS is up to.

  6. The only point I really got out of the commercial just reinforces Apple's commercials. A PC requires add-ons, programs, etc. (stretching of the shoe) to work right. A Mac just works. It's been eons since I've used a Mac (I think it was 92), so I don't know how true the statement is about them, but that's the Mac/PC ad claim. Just like the shoes, the PC doesn't work right out of the box. Seems like a failed first attempt to me.

    1. See, that’s just it – Macs *don’t* “just work.” They’re just like every other computer. They have bugs and issues just like PC’s. And honestly, for the same money, I could build or buy twice the PC that I get buying an Apple machine.

      1. Since when are ads truthful about their products? 🙂 As I noted, I really don’t know how truthful the Mac ads are, I just think Microsoft failed in giving you any reason to try their machine. I agree that PCs are much less expensive and accomplish the same thing — I’ve bought three laptops this year for less than I would have paid for one MacBook. As far as advertising goes, though, I still think MS failed on this one.

  7. Microsoft is struggling mightily to improve their image and they are way behind Apple. Maybe a little controversy w/ Seinfeld will help them get some publicity that will eventually give them some much needed cachet.

    1. How about focusing on improving their product and the image will take care of itself. I think the new Mojave ads for Vista do a much better job doing both (improving image by demonstrating the quality of the product). While I hate Vista and think they released it too early, this is more the direction I'm speaking about. Come out with quality products and highlight those quality products in image/ad production. This ad is just junk — it may spark interest, but then you have to make good on the sale and Microsoft is not doing that, now.

  8. I also saw it last night. I was so confused. It kept leading me to believe that something else was going to happen. I wonder whats to come.

    1. I think they're going to spend 300mill on the entire campaign; this and many future commercials.

  9. Despite not really being about computers, nor not making much sense, it is pretty amusing. Bill gets shaking his ass is pretty funny.

    I'll look forward to more.

  10. I didn't really get it. I'm a Mac user and NOT a Seinfeld fan (yeah, the only person in the universe) so I didn't really care what it was about.

    Love the Mac/PC commercials. . .

  11. the commercial didn't make sense, had nothing to do with windows

    i think they should just keep quiet like they always have. responding to those stupid mac commercials lowers microsoft to their "level" – as such you would not do with a child

  12. Really stupid commercial that is obviously directed toward the ”I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials… At least Microsoft didn’t copy those down to the tiniest little detail like they do with everything else Apple makes. Unfortunately for Microsoft, this will mean they won’t be nearly as effective

  13. Hey, personally I thought the commercial was kinda funny… but it almost seemed like Seinfeld was overdoing it a little bit.


  14. So, Microsoft's future is all about nothing? $300 Million to tell us all about nothing? Their advertising agency must have an incredible super sales person (to sell the idea) teamed with mediocre creative talent. Yup, this changed Microsoft's image image for me.

  15. Well, this is a really bad commercial. Really bad. The new one, (I'm a PC) after they drooped Seinfeld is why much better. you should check it out.

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