New Traffic Source: InfoLinks Self Serve Marketplace

It’s always great to come across a new traffic source, especially when it’s a self serve advertising platform. For anyone that is already using a self serve ad platform such as Facebook Ads or even Plenty of Fish, you already know the benefits of not having to wait for an ad team to manage your campaigns and wait on them to make any changes or how to target your audience. A self serve platforms means you create your own ad campaigns how you want, and they target who you want, using your own ad copy.

InfoLinks has recently come out with their own self serve market place, which allows you to access over across 250 billion page views per month, along with exposure to over 350 million unique visitors. If you already have winning campaigns, you can simply take what is working at one ad network, and implement them into InfoLinks’ platform.

What does the InfoLinks market place offer? In a nutshell…

  • User Friendly – Create an In-Text advertising campaign in minutes
  • Keyword Selection -Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
  • Keyword Bidding - Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
  • Advanced Optimization - Customize your reach and maximize ROI
  • Real-Time Reporting - Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift

I first started playing around with InfoLinks’ marketplace a few weeks ago when they first started letting people in. Since I had no idea what to expect, I setup a small campaign for this blog and targeted high end keywords such as “affiliate marketing, blogging and make money online”. On any other ad network these terms and search phases would cost anywhere from .30 to a dollar plus per click. I completely forgot that I setup that ad campaign, then recently logged into my account and saw I was actually getting clicks at the .02 per click rate that I had setup within the account. Sure, the volume was low, but the traffic and targeting was quality.

How to Get Started in Three Simple Steps

  1. Sign up for InfoLinks Marketplace
  2. Easily Create an Ad Campaign
  3. Target Your Audience and Go Live

A few other important things you should know…

  • Minimum click amounts of .02 per click
  • Daily spent minimum of less than $2 per day
  • Worldwide traffic and targeting by keyword

The InfoLinks self serve marketplace is still fairly new, but it’s definitely a new place for you to test out traffic for any existing or new ad campaigns you have running. Since traffic can be purchased for just pennies per click, it can also work as a great source for bringing in new readers to your web site or blog.

Using InfoLinks as a Revenue Source

In addition to trying out InfoLinks’ marketplace, I’ve also been an active publisher with them and currently running their contextual ads across many of my own network sites. If you are looking for a new revenue source for your web site, and not looking to give up any more ad space or want to remove your current ad revenue source, InfoLinks will blend right in with your article content and bring a new CPM revenue source to your web site or blog.

Whether you are looking to join as an advertiser and use their marketplace, or start running their contextual advertising on your web site, I can vouch for InfoLinks and the quality group of people that are behind the company.

– Join InfoLinks as an Advertiser or a Publisher

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  1. Any source of traffic is good. Infolinks is one of those traffic boosters that people should take advantage of.

  2. Does it work using peoples blogs to generate traffic please enlighten me the more I will appreciate it.

  3. yes, it is good platform for text advertising, the best benefit you will get is to defining the related keywords for your campaign and the relevancy of the content on which your ads will get displayed
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  4. HI thanks for information. I am already using infolinks in my blog but I accidently clicked on thepop up window links. Do they allow self click or it is considered as invalid click as in the case of Google Adsense.
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  5. I saw another blog with a marketer generating leads and sales using info links. You really can't tell unless you start testing some traffic.
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