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I really liked my original blog design and it was great to start a new blog with a unique design, but as the blog got bigger and needed more features, I felt it was time for an upgrade. I decided to contact Nate from UniqueBlogDesigns to see what we could do. Working with Nate was great, but what was really cool was being able to meet him at BlogWorld, prior to him working on the design. I recommend you get in touch with him if you are looking for any design work. The good news is, we are finally live with the new Zac Johnson blog design! I spent the past few days working on some updates here and there, and some of you were actually lucky enough to run across the design while I was testing it out! Here are some of the new features of the blog.

New Top Header:
An excellent new navigation setup, which allows you to view the "Most Popular Posts", "Recent Comments" and view some of my "Money Makers". The "Make Money" and "Tools" sections will also be heavily revamped over the next few days. Look for many new updates offers, images and tools to improve your marketing.

Picture Gallery:
Everyone loves pictures and putting names to a face is even better. I made sure to list all of my pictures from prior networking events like BlogWorld and Affiliate Summit. I’ll be working on this section a bit more to add descriptions and eventually import the full design into the layout.

Join Zac’s Top Spots:
A cool new program from my good friend Jim Kukral. Jim’s all about having fun with marketing, so he came up with ScratchBack… which is a new fun way to "tip" sites, while getting a link back in return. I really like the concept, but I wanted to bring it a step further. In addition to giving Jim’s program some much deserved exposure, I wanted to offer something extra for my blog readers as well. You can buy (or "tip") your way into my Top Spots for a small price of $25 a week. In addition to receiving a Top Spots Link, I’ll also send you a new Black MoneyReign t-shirt. Send me a pic of you wearing the shirt and I’ll add your pic and a link back to your site/blog url on my blog TopSpots page. (I will follow up with a dedicated post in a few days on how you can make money using ScratchBack on your blog.)

New Advertising Spots:
As you can obviously see, new ad spots are available with the new design. For rates and availability feel free to look over the Advertising page.

Thanks for checking out the new blog design and please leave any comments, suggestions, possible errors or any features/topics you would like to see added to the site.

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  1. I really like the new design Zac. It's probably one of my favorite designs from UBD. I'm sure this will only make your blog more popular. Great work!

  2. Wanted to drop a quick thanks for purchasing a TopSpot thingy. Also the new design from the site development pimp looks terrific.

  3. congrats on the new design Zac . . . . it looks really great! i was hoping to see some skulls and crossbones though 😉

  4. Not a hater………but, not feeling it at all.

    Nate and his buddies over at UBD have become a brand, like Gucci.

    The theme is not practical at all.

      1. No kidding! I think this a great a functional design. Easy on the eyes, and much more profitable for Zac.

  5. Great new look Zac! It's nice and clean and looks professional while not getting too "flashy". Nice mix of everything!

  6. Great new look. Like everyone said, this is a clean and professional theme. Good Job, UBD!

    Just one caveat, for your subscribe bar at your header, I am not sure if I need to put in my email address or blog url. Maybe you want put some instruction within?

    1. Stick with what you have, Paul.

      And if you do go with a new design, keep your current logo, it's super-dope!

      Been meaning to tell you that.

      1. Which agency are you working for? Sheesh.

        @Paul – You do have a great design at present. Looking at options never hurt anyone. I applaud your not-so-narrow-sighted-approach. 😉

  7. To be honest I don't like new design.

    Header is nice, but "Recent Comments" and "Popular Posts" neither look very nice ( if you comapre it with Shoe's,John's or Tim's), and I think that "Recent Comments" section is useless as well "Recent Posts" section on sidebar. Website shouldn't be cluttered IMO

    What's up with background color in footer?

    Link colors shouldn't be the same color as text IMO ( black in your case)

    "Full Feed RSS" section in sidebar is unnecessary and doesn't look professional

    Whole website is to colorful in my honest opinion and I think that 750$ is way to much for this because I don't think it's custom wordpress theme, neither unique like like to talk about their designs.

    But I'm your regular reader and the content is the reason I come here.

    Cheers 😉

  8. Your old design was better than this man. The blue colors right now are way too dark. Your old color scheme kept it light and refreshing. The lens flare on your header needs to be fleshed out more.

  9. New theme looks great, Zac. Out of interest are you running open ads? That way we could get some type of idea how your CTR is without disclosing who the advertiser’s are.

    I would assume your CTR is fairly high so I’d probably a nice selling point too.

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