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Everyone wants to get news and media coverage… but not everyone has an earth shattering story or has the right connections to make it happen. Thanks to the power of the internet, getting your personal name, story or brand covered in big name news and media publications like HuffingtonPost, Forbes, New York Daily News and Metro NYC is more of a process, than simply getting lucky.

On the internet, content is king and the largest sites on the internet need a never ending supply of it. For every news and media site out there, there are hundreds if not thousands of writers and contributors or each. These are usually the best gateway for getting media coverage around your brand or business.

However, this is a lengthy process and it still doesn’t guarantee you will get the results you are looking for. Even if you do get lucky and find someone who is willing to write about your story, you still need to hope they publish your article in a positive light and especially that they don’t waste your time and never get around to posting it at all.

Anyone can get media coverage… but not everyone has the time, skills or knowledge to get it done.

How to Get News & Media Coverage Online

As mentioned, it’s one thing to get media and news coverage on TV, even if just for a few seconds… but the real activity and engagement happens when you or your brand is mentioned online.

Online media mentions are easier to find, shareable through social media and also help with search rankings and getting more people to find your brand online.

The problem for most brands and businesses is that they need to hire an expensive PR firm to get any type of meaningful coverage. In addition to feeling like the PR agency is a puppet master over your brand and message, you also need to worry about them not getting your message right. Throw in the loss of having total control over the article after it goes live and not knowing how many people are actually seeing your content… this seems like more of a mission than a marketing piece.

News and PR Playing with Your Content is the worlds first content marketing platform that enables you to commission reporters to cover your story, all through one powerful platform.

In short, you get the publicity you want and are looking for, without the hassle of chasing after reporters and hoping they deliver the right message before going live with it. Once the article is placed, you can then distribute it across thousands of relevant new sites and measure the success of your article in real time.

Before we start talking about how to get news, media and brand mentions for your business, let’s first cover what “sponsored editorial content” is.

Does Sponsored Editorial Content Work?

When you hear the word “sponsored content”, do you question how it might work with or portray your brand to others? If so, you aren’t alone… but you would be mistaken to say that sponsored content doesn’t work. In fact, it’s actually been one of the top sources of content, traffic and revenue for some of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet.

In addition, according to analysis by TheMediaBriefing, the average sponsored post on BuzzFeed receives over 4,200 social media interactions, with some receiving over 50,000 interactions. And BuzzFeed’s case studies report brand lift upwards of 350 percent as the result of its sponsored content campaigns. – Contently

To give you a better example of why and how sponsored content has worked for both media outlets and brands alike, let’s look at the example blow.

This was a United Airlines “sponsored content” article that went live on The New York Times last year.


While it may just look like another page on the internet, it’s actually a useful resource for those interested in travel or reading up on the latest olympic athletes. For the brand (United in this case), it’s helping to bring brand awareness and get their content in front of a massive established audience.

The full disclosure and transparency is there as well. Notice where it says “Paid Post” with the United Logo on the top left, along with “Paid for and Posted by United” right in the middle of the page. This is why sponsored content works for both the brand, content site and their audience.

But how many people are actually seeing this type of content? Well, we can refer to that same Contently article we reference earlier for the answer.

As an example, Levien, speaking last Wednesday in New York at the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ public relations forum, pointed to a United Airlines interactive graphic—produced in partnership with the Times—that showed how far athletes traveled to compete at Sochi. The result was nearly 200,000 clicks—well above the average editorial article.

In terms of costs, brands can be looking to spend an several thousands of dollars for their campaign launch and even into the six figure range when going longer term.

Allotting such time and talent, to say nothing of space, means the Times can charge the big bucks. AdAge reports that Dell’s three-month campaign cost a solid six figures, including banner ads.

However, this concept is nothing new and something I even wrote about almost two years ago when BuzzFeed started to monetize their audience through sponsored content.

What’s important to realize is that the formula of “sponsored content” works… but it has to be done correctly, legitimately and effectively — which has taken many brands, agencies and media outlets a lot of time to figure out.

How to Create a Sponsored Content Campaign with NewsLauncher

Now that you have a good idea of what sponsored content is and how it works, it’s time for you to start considering this content marketing method for your brand or business.

The problem has usually been that you would need to work with various different outlets to create the content, do the marketing outreach and measure your results.

With the launch of, this process can all be done in one seamless action and under one platform. This short video explains it best.

Anyone now has the ability to launch their own news and media campaigns without the need of a PR agency in this easy three step process.

Step 1: Choose A Publisher To Launch Your News In
Step 2: Pitch Your Story
Step 3: Approve Your Story To Go Live
Your article launches in the news.

All stories are written by either a staff writer at the publisher or by an internal member of the NewsLauncher team.

In reference to the article being “sponsored content” and links back to your actual site, NewsLauncher says “most publishers use bylines, have a section for comments by their audience, and label the article as either “sponsored” or “commissioned story.“.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Editorial Content Campaigns

We all know that content is king… but content without a message or call-t0-action is just “another piece of content” to clutter the web. So when it comes time to launch your next campaign with a PR agency or through NewsLauncher, be sure to take the time to plan out your content, target audience and call-to-action so you can effective scale the campaign across all media platforms and continually see results along the way.

The world of content generation and news delivery is changing. Not only for HOW the information is being delivered, but also for WHO is getting their news out there.

Gone are the days when only million dollar companies can get covered on the largest news and media outlets in the world today — now it’s up for grabs for anyone, and at only a fraction of the price!

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