Niche Blog Specimen: How My Weight Loss Blog Gets Organic Traffic

Written by Zac Johnson
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Weight loss is a niche that’s profitable, diversified and competitive. If I were to start off with my niche blog, I would still consider the weight loss market. Even if I don’t target the generic keywords, I could go for micro niches like burn the fat, shed extra fats, burn extra fats etc. Only few people who started off promoting weight loss programs truly understand its secrets.

In every niche marketing activity, the steps to succeed lies with the product you select and the caliber of people who read your content. Fortunately, losing weight has become extremely popular in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. In Africa, for instance, nobody cares about losing 20 pounds in 30 days; it’s a natural thing, a kind of gift from God. Sounds funny, huh?

Maybe you’re struggling to drive targeted traffic to your niche blog, whatever your niche, we shall be looking at proven SEO strategy. There are 4 simple strategies to begin. Here:

  • Understand Your Niche
  • Study The Traffic Source (Google)
  • Write Strong Traffic-Sucking Content
  • Build the Best Link for High Ranking Results.
  1. Understand Your Niche

For a niche blog to attract traffic, the first assignment is to understand the niche. What kind of people are you building the blog for? You’ve to truly understand what competitions lie ahead and there is no shortcut on it.

Let’s consider my weight loss niche and learn from it: There was a time when my web pages weren’t ranking on Google homepage. I thought I was doing the right thing, but didn’t realize I was messing it up.

It’s not enough to know the problem this people face; you’ve to understand what got them into this problem in the first place. Prospects do not want to know the pain they’re going through; instead, what they’re after is to get rid of the symptoms. Does it make sense?

Truth is: they can leave with the pain for as long as they want, but bearing the symptoms is the most dangerous & frightful situation in their mind. In my niche, I would point out the symptoms of overweight excessive sleeping, embarrassment from friends, obesity, gluttony, vision impediments and other diseases which can emanate as a result of being overweight.

If you can understand your niche, attracting targeted traffic won’t be difficult. Think about it?

  1. Study The Traffic Source (Google)

The best organic traffic comes from Google. To be honest with you, I spent 4 months optimizing my contents, web pages and links and it wasn’t easy. But the efforts you put into search engine optimization pays consistently. Since 23rd of August, 2011, my weight loss niche blog have been driving at least 425 daily targeted traffic on autopilot.

It didn’t happen overnight, I invested a lot of time in studying Google and how it works. Now that Google is periodically sending out updates, getting the right gist of what Google is up to would guide your efforts and bring results.

Google is aiming for engagement. Don’t just build a blog that solves problem in your niche, make sure you can engage readers. They should be persuaded to comment, share and bookmark the posts. If you’re reviewing a particular product, be practical and interactive. The time when Google blatantly send free organic traffic to blogs with quality content is gradually demeaning. You need more than targeted traffic these days ‘engagement’ is the key!

Few years ago, thousands of backlinks was the determining factor for top 10 ranking. Although, links are still important, but the concept is changed. Aim for quality external links, not quantity.

  1. Write Strong Traffic-Sucking Content

I got a lot of organic traffic because my content was well-planned. I don’t just write anything I felt is good, I usually study my readers to know what problems they’re seeking solutions for, and how desperate they are. You would be able to gather helpful data to help when creating contents. The traditional keyword research doesn’t work efficiently in weight loss niche, and several other markets that are highly competitive.

Most of the viable keywords are already optimized for by savvy and prompt niche marketers, who got into niche marketing early. There is no chance of you winning even if you’re an SEO expert.

Interestingly, the best keyword research strategy can be discovered when you take time to know your readers. Are you a blogger or social media examiner? Listening is the ultimate thing to do in your business. When you listen, you feel the pain, the enthusiasm, the desperation and the warmth in your prospect’s mind. If you’re reviewing weight watchers free registration or weight loss coupon codes, make sure you’ve well researched content. Whatever they say when making comments and participating in forum discussion is usually true. No one is farther from his words.

Once you feel the pain of readers, go ahead and weave it into your content. Use the questions they ask as your headline and start the introduction with it. Use the same question within your content and in your third paragraph, solve the problem creatively and command action. Never allow your visitors to leave without taking action it’s a waste of time and resources.

  1. Build the Best Links For High Ranking Results

Most of my external links are from weight loss and health-related blogs. It doesn’t matter the pagerank of these blogs, being relevant and focused is Google’s #2 ranking factor. If your blog is new, you don’t have to struggle to build backlinks from CNN, problogger and other top blogs. If you’ve the opportunity, then go for it. But if you’re new to writing, you need some time to sharpen your writing skills.

Begin with niche blogs. For instance, search Google for your primary keyword and research the top 10 results. Contact the blog owners and propose to write for them. You’ll definitely be turned down by most bloggers, but don’t give up. Gear up your steps and move to the next blog.

If you publish 10 guest posts in weight loss related blogs in 7 days, it can result in high ranking for your product pages within 90 days. When linking from a niche blog, use a different keyword variation, not the primary key phrase you’re targeting.

Here is what I mean: my primary keyword is weight loss program for men. Now, if I’m linking from which is a weight loss program network, I would use weight loss programs as my anchor text and link back to the same page on my blog. That’s how it works and you won’t appear spammy.

Web Traffic Takeaway

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed my weight loss organic traffic case study. Before my blog started generating significant income, I invested a lot of time, in writing quality, relevant and valuable content that engages my audience. Over time, Google noticed my hard work and started sending more traffic than I can handle. Don’t give up, learn from my weight loss niche blog, apply the tips to yours and cash in. See you at the top!

This guest post was written by Michael Chibuzor, who is a creative Freelance writer. If you’re looking to lose weight and become a productive blogger, these hot discount deals will help you save.

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  2. I think first and foremost thing needs to understand is your niche. When it comes to traffic, you should pay attention on your niche. It will become more easy for you to fetch traffic if you are really aware of your niche.

  3. Hey Michael this was an awesome post and I can relate because I am in the fitness niche as well, it is a very competitive niche but there is still loads of opportunities for loads of traffic.

  4. Thanks for posting these tips. I am relatively new to niche marketing and I can use all the help I can get.

  5. Thank you for this useful article, for me i just begin my way, i really find that alittle hard to get everyday backlinks and make a unique articles, and find targeted traffic.. alot of works, and another probelm for me is that my bad level in english, so when i want to try to right unique article by myself i have to expect a bunch of grammatical mistakes and more. anyway thank you Zak.

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