ChecksUnlimited Affiliate Program Pays Out $200,000 Monthly

Many many argue, but personally, I feel affiliate marketing is recession proof. No matter if banks, the stock market or even the world economy as a whole is getting hit, there is always somewhere for you to adapt in the affiliate marketing space and still make money.

With that being said, one of the toughest concepts to making money online, is finding a niche that you want to focus your time on. I saw a posting today about the, which is the top performing merchant on Shareasale. With the amount of different advertisers on Shareasale, I was quite surprised that ChecksUnlimited were the top merchant.

At every Affiliate Summit, I see them in the meet market with their booth, but never really thought about effectively promoting their program, or how any one else makes a killing… but the program is now paying out over $200,000 in commissions a month.

This post is in no way a testimonial, or paid advertisement for their program… but simply just an example of how others are making big money in areas than most would never think of.

The $200,000 in commission is spread out across approximately 400 of their affiliates earning commissions each month. To give you a better idea on their affiliate program payouts, Andy Rodriguez posted the most recent affiliate stats, as of February 7, 2009.

This is just one example of where a decent amount of money is being made, in a niche market many would ignore. With thousands of similar programs and concepts out there, how many are you missing out on?

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  1. Zac, Thanks buddy, the program has been climbing monthly since we launched at the end of 2005. Among the merchant affiliate programs we manage, it's one of the most successful ones.

  2. Like you, I would have never thought that this would be a profitable niche. There seems to me a market for that so we should get on it early on…

  3. Zac I would have to agree with you 100%. Right now I am making great money in the health supplements niche just off organic traffic.And people were saying that this niche was saturated. You just need to find the room – and I have. At the rate I am growing at by summer I should be between 10 and 20 k a month.

    There is so many ways to promote offers it is almost scary you just need to look into things a bit more.

  4. Wow, wouldn't think checks were a profitable niche! it just goes to show that there are many niches out there which may have not been explored yet.

  5. It is definitely a great idea to get into the smaller niches. In every niche there is a way to profit from it. You really should search for some of the niche areas instead of trying to use the same offers everyone else is on all of the affiliate networks. Some niches are very easy to get into and lack the competition that a major niche like weight loss would have.

  6. Is this a good place to start for someone who is just starting out with affiliate marketing?

  7. I always knew that it's wiser to target several small and hidden niches than one big and famous, especially if those "small" niches are like the "checks" one 🙂

  8. @Dean – I think you could definitely get started on something like this.

    Thanks for the post Zac, great info!

  9. It is all about finding the right niche, along with a few strokes of good luck like getting a really good keyword rich domain name. This review definitely will drive some traffic to ChecksUnlimited, may they sign up loads of new affiliates and may everybody benefit from the relationships formed.

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