Niche Marketing with Blogs

Over the past few days I have been fooling around with the idea of "niche" marketing and have been setting up a few smaller blogs. So far I have made five different niche targeted sites, and am gradually adding content to each. I know they all won’t perform, but I am pushing towards a few different markets and hoping a few stick. Over the next couple weeks I will keep an eye on stats and do some testing to see which blogs are pulling in traffic and converting. Once I can weed out the bad sites, I can focus on the good ones and continually monetize them and start promoting them through PPC marketing. Anyone else try (and have success) setting up "niche" based blogs for marketing purposes?

Think you are maxed out in your market, or looking for some new niche ideas? You’d be surprised how many untapped markets there are for making some big money. Here are just a few areas that you could start making money in!

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  1. I seem to be making a small fortune buying old mfa networks converting them to blogs putting the old content up as posts and sitting back. I have bought a couple of 1000 domains for very cheap and once converted they seem to be doing a nice little trade.

  2. I too have started a small network of sites. The hardest part I have is finding content for them. I don't want to update 100 sites everyday so I am trying to find automated ways of doing it. One experiment of mine is I wanted to see if I could get a script running that would update the site everyday.

    Do you think automated content generation has a place in this space?

    1. Same here. Automation would be nice as long as the content doesn't come out as too spammy. I'm trying to decide on how to best post mass content as well. Right now I'm just writing a few small posts and indexing them to be posted over the course of a week's time.

  3. Im also launching a few more blogs. I started a poetry blog and I'm also gonna do a free samples type blog. My girlfriend gets tons of them, so might as well

  4. It's really amazing how some people monetize the most weirdest niches. Niche marketing has to be the oddest way to make money.

  5. HmM…"lung cancer symptoms" It will be very interesting to talk about this, but i guess you need a little of medical knowedlege before going into this niche field.

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