Niche Marketing

Written by Zac Johnson
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Yesterday I was searching Google for a way to convert a WMV to DVD format. In the process I was never able to find a freeware or shareware product that allowed me to do so, they all required payment for full editions. In the end I wasn’t able to convert the file… but that’s not what matters. Instead I came across yet another niche market that people are making a ton of money from. Take a look for yourself, go to Google and search "convert wmv to dvd format", you will see there are a ton of targeted sites, as well as paid advertisements on the right (through AdWords). I avoided all of these paid listings, since I figured they would of course charge for a product, but I found the same result while going through the free organic listings as well. I also found that a large majority of these sites were all directing to the same affiliate programs and pushing the same software.

Now, if you go to the Overture Search Tool and search "convert" or "file convert", you can see what volume and key phrases there are for file converting. This may not be a heavy volume niche, but that’s better for you, as it’s less competition. If you were to create a content heavy web site around the concept of file sharing and file converting well enough, you could earn a nice amount of revenue from getting listed on page two or three from the search results. Not to mention any long tail keywords you might get listed for. I’ve also been experimenting with building my search engine positioning through purchase "search term related" text links through Text Link Ads, and so far I believe it is greatly helping with my indexing. (Though this usually takes 1-3 months to see a difference)

What’s the point of this post? More than anything, this is a motivational posts and a simple reminder, no matter where you go online, someone is making money. There are thousands of software sites out there, but if you focus on a small niche area you can specialize and bring in some nice results. You don’t necessarily need to focus on software, this was simply an example I wrote about from yesterday’s experience. Imagine the possibilties? What are some of the best selling toys? Top celebrity searches? DVDs, Movies, Electronics and Sports… the revenue potential is endless. As I once said at my second speaking presentation during Affiliate Force 2003…yes, my friend… "there are Riches in Niches". Feel free to comment on if you’ve done any niche marketing.

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4 Replies to “Niche Marketing”

  1. You just never know when you will find an oppurtunity. I am trying to become more astute at finding oppurtunity as I go through my daily work and entertainment.

  2. Niches are the only way to truly succeed. The best money comes from doing what no one has thought about and run with it hard until people figure out whats going on. Hope that they never do.

  3. I am in the works of thinking of some new niches :). I have been using overtures and let's hope these niches are a hit!

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