Noting Good Customer Support

Good customer service is hard to find… but worth noting when received. Over the weekend I had some server down time due to some upgrades.  In short, I had to log into my GoDaddy account to change some DNS information, but I had previously changed my password and could not remember which it was.  For GoDaddy to send me a new password, this would have to be done through email… and since my servers were down I had no email. After a few attempts at putting in the wrong password, I was then locked out of access to my account. I then decided to get GoDaddy support on the phone and have them re-issue a new password for the account. I figured this might have a been an issue since just calling up for a password or access to account seems like a security issues. I called and talked with Nick on the phone, who was great with everything. I verified all my account information and he took the account of "Locked" status and had my account email switched over to my Gmail account so I could setup a new one. This is the second time I talked with GoDaddy on the phone and their support has always been awesome!

Then this morning I had to give Yahoo Search Marketing a call . Once again, I was ready for some complications. This time the matter was on my account status and a deposit I made a while back. I signed up to Yahoo Search Marketing way back in October 2006 and made a deposit of $300 to my account. At the time I was trying to get into PPC again, but never ended up making any campaigns, so the account and funds just sat their. Since I am getting back into PPC again, I tried logging into my account today and was locked out. I also had an email from Yahoo saying "A couple of months back, you signed up for a new Yahoo! Search Marketing account, but according to our records, it has not been activated. If you do not activate account ####### soon, it is at risk of being deleted from our system." in my Gmail account… so I figured my account was surely deleted. Once I talked with James at Yahoo and went through my situation, he found that I had two accounts and unlocked the one with the funds and I was able to access my account again.

I’ve been working with GoDaddy for several years now and love their customer support, and I’m sure I will be working a lot more with Yahoo Search Marketing. Knowing these two companies offer an excellent support system means a lot to me. There is nothing I hate more than having to call a company and basically "know" more than them about their company and have to explain everything. If you hate using the phone, GoDaddy also offers a great email support system. They have a ticker on the site letting you know how long it will take to get a response from them (usually 1-4 hours). I just submit an email question through the Yahoo Search Marketing admin area, so we will see how long that takes. I will also keep you updated on the campaigns being setup to go live on Yahoo. I give both GoDaddy and Yahoo Search Marketing a "Thumbs Up" for their customer support!

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  1. Yep, it means a lot. I called Godaddy once about something, and in the process of the call the rep told me about a new domain club that I was eligible for that saves me a ton of money on domains.

    So not only did I get my problem solved fast, I saved a ton of money. Good stuff.

    1. GoDaddy's renew feature also owns! Stupid RegisterFly cost me so many domain losses. Now everything is kept safely with GoDaddy and/or eNom with their auto-renew features.

  2. I've also had great experiences with GoDaddy support on multiple occasions. Yahoo Small Business on the other hand I've had problems with. Another good one I want to note is my host, Mosso. They have been ridiculously good since I've switched to them with my IT company.

    This also just made me a remember a post I made that comes up when you search my name on Google. It was in regards to Dell tech support. Worth a read for a laugh!

  3. i buy my domains at godaddy 😀

    hostmonster also has some excellent support. Someone from the customer service walked me through a few steps of setting up another blog with their hosting when i was new

  4. GoDaddy does have good support. Back when I first became a customer with GoDaddy they actually phoned me a couple of days later, asking if everything was going good and such.

  5. Sprint recently gave me a new treo 755p for free because of a complaint. Great freebies; however, I had to wait 62 minutes to talk to a rep to have it activated.

    1. I should give them a call… my treo sucks! I’ve dropped it a couple times and the reception is terrible and takes for ever to load. Even locks up a decent amount of time.

  6. between godaddy and bluehosting which is a better domain hosting ground? and also will bluehosting be a better blogging host??

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