November 2008 Blog Revenue Report

One year later and we have finally hit the 12th month in the “Blog Revenue Report” case study. As you may already know, is less than two years old, and only in December of 2007 did it start to generate any revenue. Before that, it was strictly a unique blog design, with no advertisements in place.

Now on its third redesign, and one year later of first generate revenue, I can only say that it has been a great success. Not only from a revenue standpoint, but from the sheer amount of emails and feedback I receive from readers on how much the blog has helped them make money online.

In October 2008, this blog generated $4,594.95 in income. Down from its previous high, but still above it’s average for the year. Here is the LAST revenue report for, as the 12-month case study has come to a close.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $2,134.44
– Private Ad Sales: $2,675.00
Total Revenue: $4,809.44

– No Costs
Total Costs: $0.00

Total Blog Income for October 2008: $4,809.44

Nothing too surprising about last months numbers, as they were right in line with the previous month. No additional advertising or hosting costs, since the blog is hosted on my own servers. It would only be fitting to say that December is looking to be the best month yet for this blog, so I will leave it at that and will continue to write occasional news and updates on the blog.

The Super Affiliate’s Guide to Blogging Profits

Now that the one-year blog revenue report case study is over, it’s time to actually write the ebook and how the blog went from $0 to over $6,000+ a month in profit. Please subscribe to my newsletter at the top right of the page or below, and you will be the first ones to receive my free blog report ebook once it goes live in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter and be sure to submit your questions and requests for future posts.

As always, thank you for reading and making what it is today.

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  1. Looks great that eBook and I will be subscribing for when you release it now.

    Congratulations on your monthly revenue, that is a great figure.

    Kind regards,


  2. Congrats Zac! Looking forward to reading the eBook, as well as seeing where the blog is a year from now. Any predictions?

  3. It looks like you are definitely doing awesome. I haven't been on your blog for a while but I love the new design.

  4. That’s awesome! I really look forward to reading new posts on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Zac, nice Job.

    Can I ask a small favor from you. I entered the pepperjam store builder contest with a site of mine called Wireless Cell Accessories, can you swing by pepperjams blog to cast a vote for me please. The grand prize is 1000 dollars and that would make a nice PPC Budget

    Once again that is vote for Wireless Cell Accessories

    Thanks Zac

  6. Congratulation…I really admire with your affiliates selling earning.Hopefully I can manage to reach that figure by next year.

  7. Very impressive Zac, keep up the good work and you could be making maybe double or triple in a year time.

  8. Your earning report is quite impressive. I suppose you worked a lot to have this earnings. I am new to your blog and I haven't had time to read through your old posts.

  9. This is really helpful information, providing your income stats, as it helps everybody to make the point where he/she is standing. It helps motivate people also, showing what is possible…

  10. Nice revenues. This is the first time i step into this section. Did you have some newer information for us?

  11. It is really a great info of Blog Revenue Report on this post with have a great succession with a nice article….

  12. This is old but I can't help from commenting on this one. i never really thought someone could make that amount for one month online. I can't even make 100 dollars for one month! There's still a lot of caffeine to intake before I could make close to that amount. Cool!

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