October 2008 Blog Revenue Report

HTML clipboard It was almost one year ago that I first starting producing revenue from this blog. Which means there is only one blog revenue report after this one, making for a full 12 months in the blog revenue case study. Last month was the second highest earning month for the blog, with $6,180.98 in revenue and $5,992.36 in profit. With the holiday season upon us, I wouldn’t be surprised to see overall affiliate earnings increase, as this is the time to start making big money.As mentioned, the total profit from the blog in September was $5,992.36, and the revenue report for October is below.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $1,624.95
– Private Ad Sales: $2,470.00
– Reviews: $500.00
Total Revenue: $4,594.95

– No Costs
Total Costs: $0.00

Total Blog Income for October 2008: $4,594.95

The two main revenue sources for the blog, but decreased in amount from the previous month, but this was slightly expected as an advertiser’s time sensitive campaign came to a close. The drop in affiliate referral earnings seemed to be across the board. One network told me that one of my main referrals was taking time to focus on school, rather than affiliate marketing… which has greatly reduced their affiliate earnings. As the last two months of the year usually bring in the most activity, I would not be surprised to see this numbers increase.

As mentioned, there is only one more blog revenue report after this one… then my free ebook will be released on the full case study, and how to make money with a blog. This ebook will be exclusively available to newsletter subscribers first, so please make sure you are subscribed by using the form below.



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  1. Nice earnings. My blog… not quite there yet hah. im looking forward to the holiday seasons affiliate sales too!

  2. Excellent profit. It would be great to just have one thing bring in 5K per month every month.

  3. ok I swear if i can get your oct earnings paypal to me I will read your blog everyday man!
    I hear you got authoritay!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Great month, how does it compare to month prior? How much will you make next year, 3x as much?

  5. Hey Congratulation for your October earning. Yes it is decrease from last month but still a very good earning many of us still looking for just 25% of it.

  6. Wow. Nice work. This is pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people wouldn't be willling to disclose their numbers, but your disclosure adds to your credibility and helps readers at the same time.

  7. This is an amazing growth record for the year, Zac. Now, what are your goals for the next year, as far as the blog is concerned?

    You've helped me grow my own blog, tremendously with your posts/blog. I look forward to what the next year of blogging will bring from Zac!

  8. Hey, I just had a quick question when you are making all this money (not that I am yet) but when do you count the income when you get the check or deposit to your account or when it shows up on a particular account for that month? Just curious. Thanks for the tips.

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