OMG! That Was My Idea!

The other day I was out getting breakfast, then some guy and his wife picked up the news paper and saw an article on the main page for a new movies theater in the area that serves dinner, while you watch a movie. He starts yelling “That was my idea! That was my idea!“… then he got all flustered because someone actually took action on an idea he had. Guess what… it was JUST his idea, and he never took the necessary action to get it started anyway. Who succeed and whole failed in this scenario?

This happens all too many times in life and online business. We all think of these great ideas, then are either too busy, don’t have the necessary resources or know where to start to make things happen. That’s the difference between success and the failure to launch.

You don’t have to look far to find success, and it’s easy enough to come up with a new idea or invention that could change the world, or at the least… make you a few million. Something that seems as simple as an Angry Birds app for the iPhone generating a million dollars a month, or a college kid making a fun site to meet girls while in high school (ie: Facebook), not only changes their lives of the creators, but have become world wide phenomenons.

What are you missing out on by not putting your brilliant ideas into action? It doesn’t take much to outsource, invest in your own ideas or at least start mapping your plan out. There are actually many services in place just looking for your ideas, and they do the rest, while you get rewarded or can earn a royalty fee. There are whole businesses just based on taking consumer feedback and ideas, then building them into products and services.

– Got an idea for a cool tshirt? Get paid $2,500!

Turn Your Ideas into a Real Product

Submit an App Idea, Earn 25% Royalties

– Want to keep your idea safe? Patent your idea!

You may know the potential investment and requirements to put your idea into action… but what could you possibly be missing out on if you never try?

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  1. I hate not being able to take ideas to where they could go.

    Also – you have too many zero's in 2,5000 and that guy is wack because dinner in a theater isn't that new.
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  2. great post, should have all new comers to IM read this
    gotta walk the walk (i.e. execute)
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  3. Hey Zac – great post. Everyone has ideas – maybe even great ideas. But, until you actually execute on the idea what is it really worth? Having the idea is just the first step in the process of creating something. Often when we look back at some amazing new product or business concept, the company that we think of as revolutionizing the industry with the idea wasn't even the first one to come up with it. They were just the company that did the best job of executing on the idea. Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, Google wasn't the first search engine, and Facebook certainly wasn't the first social network. But, they all found ways to execute on an idea that made them stand out from the crowd.
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  4. I hate to repeat what everybody has said, but it's indeed a great post and very to the point. As you said many people don't have the possibility, time or resources to follow through on their great idea, but I'll venture and say that many don't realize they have a good idea on their hands from the beginning either because they don't have the training or because they don't have the necessary faith in themselves!
    Thumbs up for those organizations and companies which make a goal in finding and supporting people capable of great things, wonderful innovations and ideas.
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  5. Very many years ago me and a friend had a great idea for a website but not sure if it would take off and done nothing about it.

    Several months later we read about Google buying YouTube and as we had never heard of YouTube we checked it out. YouTube was basically the website we had discussed and didn't think it would take off!


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  7. Great Post Zac,
    But as an inventor with a patent and a new product, I can tell you that the hardest part is marketing it.
    "Inventing companies" will tell you the idea is great (they want your money) and patent attorneys will not tell you what they think (as they are not allowed).
    The hardest thing is to find out if there is a market or need for your product.

  8. So true Zac, I have a whiteboard right behind me with a ton of ideas I just dont have the bandwidth to take action on. And the funny thing is I know they are winners… You cant find a winner unless you actaully take action…

  9. I think many people just dont take action. There are so many ideas flying around and taking action is one of the most important things that any affilate NEEDS to do to be successful

  10. Good points Zac. It kind of is amusing in a way that so many people and some with brilliant ideas fail to take the necessary actions to succeed. They get cold feet, and just push their idea to the backburner where it is forgotten about. Little things like that can mean the difference between a life of mediocrity or a life of living lavishly. Take action people you only live once you will never know unless you try!
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