One Billion Ways to Make Money Online

For every successful person you may come across online, there are probably another 100 people behind them that have failed. The bad new is the majority of real world and online businesses will fail… the good news is there are literally a billion different ways to make money online. Let’s just break down a few different methods we are familiar with and how you can make money from each.

Building a Web Site

– Create an eComerce / Drop Shipping Store (Product Sales)
– YouTube / Video Entertainment site (Adsense / Banners)
– Celebrity Gossip & News (Adsense / Banners)
– Games & Arcade Sites (Adsense / Downloads / Banners)
– Product Review Sites (Amazon / eBay / CPA Leads)

Social Networks

– Build a Facebook Application (Downloads / Ads)
– Creating a Facebook Fan Page (Mailings / List Building)
– Mass Twitter Accounts and Following (RSS Feeds / Redirecting Traffic)
– Facebook Advertising (Limitless Potential… CPA/Site/Lists/Arbitrage)
– Dating and Game Installs (CPA / Facebook Ads)


– Building Your Own Product (Product Sales / ClickBank)
– Selling Ad Space (Recurring Monthly Income / BuySellAds)
– Consulting and Book Sales (Branding / Recurring Income / ClickBank)
– Selling of Successful Blogs (Bulk Income vs. Recurring / Flippa)

List Building

– Autoresponder Followups (CPA / CPS)
– Free Learning Series (Upsell to CPA/CPS)
– Incentive to Build Blog/Site (RSS / Newsletter)
– Solo CPA List Mailings (CPA / CPS / CPM)
– Community & Interaction Based Lists (Branding / Adding Value)

The methods and lists just go on and on. We could cover everything from spam, pay per view, game installs, arbitrage and so much more. No matter what topic you can think of, there is more than one way to promote a product, which may lead to more success than your previous method. If you have failed at making money in one area, make sure you try another.

What areas have you focused on to make money online, as well are the niche markets and methods you haven’t even touched yet?

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  1. There are clearly over 9000 methods to make money online!

    If you fail once or twice, don't lose motivation, there are plenty of other ways you can be successful.
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  2. Yes there are definitely countless ways to make money online. Not all of them are for everybody though. You are right that if you fail at one method, try another. Ideally you're going to want diverse sources of income anyway. So eventually you'll want to branch out into other areas.

    1. Right, I hate setting up ad campaigns, but there is good money in it. On the flip side I also have the option to setup web sites and build them out, which takes more time, but I enjoy it much more.

  3. There really is countless ways to make money online. I think the most successful business owners are those who focus on one niche or product as opposed to simultaneously taking risks in a number of different projects.
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  4. Personally, having a full time job, I couldn't give building websites enough attention to make it successful. What I am doing now is paying attention to my first and primary blog, not paying attention to getting sidetracked with making money and sites.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those things don't work. I just know being new I should focus on traffic. For me that is the golden key to everything. If I can get that figured out I'm set.

    I am making great connections and finding blog commenting brings the best fruit. From that traffic I'm seeing sign-ups to my list but still battle getting comments. I'm running a competition but nothing yet. Perhaps I should,let it run a little longer and be patient.

    I already asked about the subscribe plugin but I wondered also where3 I can get the 'Tweet this' plugin?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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  5. What I like of making money online is that it needs little money to start running an online business to earn big. Though, I learnt that making money online is not a get-rich-quick system but rather a slow and continuing profitable in the long run.

  6. I'm planning on launching my first venture into making money online
    and I've decided to start up a job board site with a nice little niche.
    I'm obviously a newbie and still got a lot to learn. I'm literally doing research on this whole thing several hours a day.

    But I just wanted to say thanks to Zac for this great site.
    You obviously could've kept quiet and just charged everyone for the information you're putting out.
    There's really tons of value!! I've defiantly learn a few tips and gotten a better idea about this whole thing after reading a few of your articles.
    Just glad one of my buddies referred me to here.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. There are surely a lot of ways to make money online. One just have to know or discover what works best with him/her. One person may be good at creating their own products and selling them or other are good at selling other's products. So, it depends on what will work with you best.
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  8. Oh drat, I thought you were going to list all one billion of them – I've just made myself a cup of coffee! 🙂

  9. Oh drat, I thought you were going to list all one billion of them – I've just made myself a cup of coffee! 🙂

    1. Yeah, me too. I see a series … a very long series. Looks like we'll be going through several pots of coffee, Paul. 😀
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  10. There's oodles of ways to make oodles of cash but you still can't beat one great nugget of an idea. Finding a new one is the problem though.
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  11. Thank you for sharing this good deal of marketing strategy Zac. This is helpful for the beginners and those who wanted to learn more on link building and other processes that can help their marketing more.
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