One Great Way to Write Blog Posts that Get Retweets, Comments and Traffic

I have been writing web content for a long period of time now and not only that, I have written tons of it. I write an average of 3 blog posts every single day both for my blog and other blogs and with time I’m beginning to see the type of content that works and the one that doesn’t. When it comes to writing web content that get shared and interacted with I’d like you to know that it has nothing to do with your audience or the size of your blog, even though that is highly important it doesn’t guarantee your content will be successful.

When I was getting 2,000 monthly visitors to my blog and I suddenly read about a blog post that gets thousands of views, the first thing that came to my mind was I will be able to do this when I get to 5,000 monthly visitors and at 5,000 monthly visitors the next thing that came to my mind is, I will be able to do this when I get to 10,000 monthly visitors. Now at 10,000 monthly visitors I have to face the reality that the fact that you have a lot of daily visitors to your blog has nothing to do with how successful your blog posts will be. You can have 1,000 visitors to your blog every single day and a post of yours might not exceed 200 views so it’s all about learning the art of writing blog posts that bring results.

I’d also start by telling you that this post is not based on some tips that I read on other blogs and I don’t really care about the length but it is rather based on results I get from articles on my own personal blog,

Here’s What to Do…

I know it seems like I’m hiding something but I feel like you might not realize the true importance of this point unless I carefully explain everything with examples. The post in question is this and at an average of 340 daily visitors to my blog and in approximately 25 days it has been viewed by 984 people (mostly directly, from other links, Facebook and twitter) and with over 130 comments, 38 facebook shares, and 21 retweets I think it is a great example of a perfect blog post. My claims can be backed by the traffic graph below and by you viewing the post yourself.

PS: The bold 984 in the image above is the number of total views to the article and the other are time spent reading the post and its average bounce rate.
The question you are left with is what is different about this post? Yes, by reading it you will agree that it is great but what made it great? What made people interested in sharing it? What made people comment on it? The answer to your question can be found in my point below.

Write Personal Posts Based on Experience

That blog post was interesting because it is no theory, because it is emotional and because it is from my own personal experience. In a nutshell, it was interesting because it is a story. If I may ask you, why are you reading Zac’s blog? Is it because you love his face, his blog design, his personality or because he pays you to do so? While some “very few” people might be reading his blog for some of the above reasons I can assure you that the large majority of you are reading it because he is a leader, and not just a leader, but an exemplary leader. He has built successful businesses and he is a master in the affiliate marketing game, he talks from experience, he says what he knows and when he talks you listen. Now take the same thing with a mechanic trying to teach you about affiliate marketing, I can bet the first question you will be asking is what the hell does he think he is saying? Or what the hell does he think he knows?

The most successful authors are those who write based on their life and that is why true leaders have to be men of great experiences, they need to always have a story to tell. If you want to write successful blog posts look for a way you can connect every post you write to your life or something more personal and people will start listening to you.

Nothing shouts READ ME more than RESULTS!

This guest post was written by Onibalusi Bamidele, a 17 year old entrepreneur making over $5,000 online monthly. Visit his blog at to learn more about what he does and download his free ebook: How I Make $3,000 Online Monthly.

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  1. Thanks for writing this guest post Onibalusi, it's a really great one. It's also been very fun to watch the rapid growth and success of your site as you continually guest blog on very big sites to gain more attention and traffic. Congrats!

  2. Kids making that type of money online?
    Thats great. Some adult aren't even doing that. Good job!
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  3. This is a great post and very true!

    I post a lot of informative articles on my blog, but I always get more comments on more personal, results-driven posts, and a whole lot more shares!

    Thanks for the post,
    -Gabriel Johansson
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  4. Thank you for sharing! You are just so inspiring and brilliant. I do not hesitate to write about my feelings and experiences in my site. It draws people to you, I guess. It makes them imagine the person behind the banner, the ads, the campaigns. It just makes sense. It's like getting to know the person you follow online. It's a warm and amiable experience for your readers.

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  6. I definitely have to agree with you that writing based on experience is the best way to go. When you experienced the thing that you are blogging about it's as if you are just writing your personal diary and sometimes you may even forget that you are blogging at all. It may be a cliche, but indeed experience is the best teacher. 🙂

  7. Hi onibalusi, great post. I totally agree that successful bloggers writes from experience. They are followed by their viewers not just because of their website or web design but also the content itself which provides facts and proofs and nothing works best if you build good relationship with your readers.

  8. Your concepts were simple to understand that I wondered why I in no way looked at it prior to. Glad to know that there’s a blogger out there that certainly understands what he’s discussing. Great job.

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