One Thing I Learned at Affiliate Summit

Written by Zac Johnson
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I was just recently tagged by Shawn to take part in this “One Thing I Learned at Affiliate Summit” tag post which has been going around for the past week. As an official “Blogger” for the Affiliate Summit East event, this time around I was more motivated to attend as many presentations as possible and meet up with a lot of new people. In addition to speaking in the “Elevator Networking” sessions, I also got to voice my thoughts and opinions on the event a few other times in open mic sessions. Coming back from Affiliate Summit, I am always full of new ideas and motivation, but this time around I would have to say I am most motivated about “blogging” and “ppc marketing“. And here’s why:


Even though my blog is only a few months old and gets a decent amount of comments here and there, you really don’t know who some of your visitors are. The Bumpzee widget is super amazing, and shows you an icons of members that logged in and updates when they visit your blog, but not everyone is a member of Bumpzee. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when I met up with some old friends and they told me they were reading the blog. What was even cooler was hearing this from new people that I was just meeting for the first time, like Jon from WickedFire and Scott Jangro of Bumpzee. Knowing that my blog was being read by so many people within the affiliate marketing community was really great to know, and inspires me to make the blog even bigger and more helpful to others just starting out.


From past events, I feel that I didn’t get much out of the presentations and speakers. They are usually good topics and the speakers know what they are talking about, but I have been around a while and attended every Affiliate Summit since they started… so it was only so often I heard something new. This time around it was different, and I happen to attend some great presentations and got to meet with some really cool speakers, mainly the guys in the PPC Market. The first speaker that really got me excited was Amit Mehta, and his story on how he is making big bucks in PPC marketing and within such a short period of time. I was also fortunate enough to attend Kris Jones’ presentation, which also went into some great detail on PPC. It’s knowledgeable and giving speakers like these that matter in the industry. After both of their presentations were done, they gladly took time to speak with everyone that stayed after to ask a question or just want to listen in for some good tips.

Since returning back from Affiliate Summit, I have been testing the water of PPC marketing, while working on some new ideas for blog sites and keeping in touch with my new friends. If you weren’t able to attend Affiliate Summit this time around, I stress that you find a way to get there next year!

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