OptinLinks – The New Way to Grow Your Mailing List

One of the most popular sayings in the world of online marketing and business is… “the money is in the list“.

It’s a common saying, because it’s completely true!

Just think about it for a second… you can rank right at the top of the search results and get a ton of traffic to your site on a daily basis, but how many of them would actually come back again for a return visit? Not many.

How many times have you searched for the same thing online, then went to the same site again? Probably not often, and this is exactly why mailing lists and newsletters are so important for the long term growth and revenue of sites of all sizes and in all niches.

However starting a mailing list isn’t enough… you need to be creative with how you are going to get people to sign up for your list, especially when it comes to grabbing their attention and throwing some incentive and gifts at them in the process.

It’s also been said that squeeze pages, flashing text and blinking arrows are being phased out as well… so what’s the next best way to bring quality subscribers to your mailing list?

Through quality content and engagement of course!

This is something OptinLinks has been working on for a while now and they are changing the way sites are building their mailing lists, while not having to shove popup windows and forms down the throat of each visitor to your site.

How to Building a Quality Mailing List

Many of us are already familiar with and using the modern day methods for adding subscribers to our mailing lists. This can be anything from placing a subscribe form in the right menu section of our sites or using a popup form to get someone to request a free report or download. These methods work well, but the industry conversions are dropping on a daily basis.

OptinLinks has come out with their own two-step process that brings attention to your offer and makes the user engage and doesn’t make them want to leave my immediately seeing another optin form.

Instead the visitor to your site will see a landing page like the one below.

OptinLinks Landing Page

What’s different about this landing page and approach is that when you visitor sees the page they will notice right away that they don’t have to enter their email, so now they are more interested and will check it out. The page also says “Get Instant Access” — which draws a lot of interest.

Should the visitor then click on the “Get Instant Access” button, the following form will appear.

OptinLinks Download

Once the visitor puts their email address in and clicks and continue, the system will then verify that they email is real and then will put them into the autoresponder sequence.

It seems dead simple… and it is, but it’s also working very well too.

Sites who are currently using OptinLinks are seeing much higher conversion rates, open rates and user engagement.

The plugin also worked with all of the major email marketing providers like AWeber, SendReach, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp and GoToWebinar — and since it’s a wordpress plugin, it’s easy enough to setup and install.

OptinLinks Backend Stats

When it comes to WordPress plugins for list building, there are plenty for you to choose from. However not many of them have a backend system that actually provides full stats tracking and reports for you to view.

Creating landing pages for list building is all about split testing and finding what works best, and this is what OptinLinks kept in mind when they were creating their software. You can catch a sneak peak of their stats and admin area in the screenshot below.

OptinLinks Backend

In addition to the full stats tracking, you can also setup some really cool features such as requiring users to confirm their email address before giving them full access to your content, or having the system block access to any users who might unsubscribe for your list.

What’s even cooler is that these processes are actually done while the user is on the landing page! A user enters their email, clicks submit, then are told to confirm their email real quick… then the page sees the confirm and grants immediate access. Now that is real time access and engagement at it’s finest!

How Much Does OptinLinks Cost?

With so many different features and options available with OptinLinks, it makes sense for them to offer their software on three different levels, which will cater to sites of all sizes.

OptinLinks Pricing

The basic package is best for anyone with just one site and costs only $37. If you have more than one site and would like to have full access to split testing and client management, the Advanced or Professional packages would be best for you. This is a WordPress plugin, but it also works for HTML sites as well. Everyone also get’s a full 30 day money back guarantee with every purchase should the plugin not live up to your expectations.

There is also a 60% off promotion going on right now. To get full access to OptinLinks and see all of the features and stats in video, be sure to check out the OptinLinks sales page.

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