Outsourcing Yourself Five Dollars at a Time

Written by Zac Johnson
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As amazing as it is what we can accomplish, us individual entrepreneurs and affiliates, it’s always great to have outsourcing options. But at the same time, the idea of spending a decent amount of money on a full or part time employee, isn’t always an option for some. Whether that being too high of a cost, or not knowing/trusting who to use. Instead, thanks to sites like Fiverr.com and JustaFive.com, you can outsource simple jobs and tasks that may cost your several times more at other place, or end up taking up your valuable time.

What can you get outsourced for $5?

Sure, five lousy bucks doesn’t sound like much to most of us, but these amount of jobs posted and completed daily is amazing! Even more so, is what some people will do for $5… but that’s another story. Instead we will focus on what you can do for ad campaigns, creating backlinks and building content.


The biggest five dollar job site out there is Fiverr.com, and it’s paved the way for the cheap outsourcing job market. Through Fiverr you can have some amazing work done for $5. In the screenshot below I have the top results for “Advertising”, but there is so much more beyond. Users on Fiverr will create video testimonials, build text backlinks, write original articles and probably anything else you can think of.


Another site, based off the concept and job structure of Fiverr, is JustaFive, which despite the name actually has jobs for $5, $10 and $20. By opening the job pricing to higher amounts, it actually brings in services that may take longer and require more than a $5 payment. Though JustaFive is a smaller web site, it’s another one to look through for outsourcing simple jobs at low prices.

So what’s the takeaway?…

I wouldn’t recommend running over to Fiverr or JustaFive and blowing your bank roll on trying to outsource everything possible. Some jobs like link building are done with the use of automation tools. If you are wanting to promote a high quality and authority web site, having someone blast your links all over forums for five dollars probably isn’t the best idea. However, using services like this to promote third tier content link article directories or youtube content would work better, though still frowned upon by Google and others. At the same time, there are plenty of users offering manual submission to social bookmarking sites and search engines.

Want to advertise on Twitter, but don’t want to pay some of the outrageous prices that celebrities are charging to send a tweet out to their lists? Run a search for “Twitter” and you will find users with thousands upon thousands of Twitter followers and will send out a tweet about anything for five dollars. Compare these numbers and rates to any other sponsored Twitter messaging service and it’s a no brainer!

The bottom line is, you need to look at your options through micro job sites like Fiverr and JustaFive and see what you can outsource to save money here and there, while getting more accomplished. Sure, some users offer low quality services, but the majority of the users on these sites are of high quality and this can be reflected in to their feedback and history.

What have been your favorite listings and services seen on these micro job sites?

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22 Replies to “Outsourcing Yourself Five Dollars at a Time”

  1. I can go to Fiverr and just look around, it's that fun. Never hired anyone from there but I do remember one guy selling shark teeth, different kinds too. That sounded awesome. ^ ^
    For it to be worth it though, you need to be able to do 10 jobs an hour to get a normal salary, hehe.

    1. Definitely worth hiring from an online marketing stand point. I just hired someone to do a PSD to HTML job for $5! It only took them a few hours too. Well worth it.

  2. fiverr is awesome but outsourcing for 5$ at a time doesnt sound like a so great idea because for 5$ you wont get to get big tasks done.
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  3. Nice find Zac! I think Fiverr is better as I just browsed both sites and I have to buy a couple of $5 gig from Fiverr.

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  4. Hi there, Zac,
    I must admit I was attracted by the headline to see more of the text you've written. I already know for Fiverr, both from experience and from your previous introductions and posts about it, but this is the first time I am hearing for JustaFive. Anyway, both sound like good investments could be made through them, but, at the same time, I appreciate your kindness for warning us we shouldn't hurry and just trying to outsource everything possible we can find there.
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  5. Great tips, we used some of the Fiverrs and had a good experience
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  6. First I've heard of these sites. I just went and had a look at them. Quite interesting. Wonder what kind of response one will get there

  7. You seem to grasp it though, so I think you ought to run with it. Thanks a lot! Congratulation to you for this big achievement.Thank you again.
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  8. Fiverr is so much different, it is set up to be a more short term relationship, and in my opinion is much more reliable .

  9. i buy backlink with $5 😀
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  10. I like Fiverr you can find some awesome deals for $5 bucks you just have to look around. I usually go with the higher rated gigs with the good comments to know I am getting good quality for my money. Fiverr is a big time saver and it is a tool I always keep in my back pocket.
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  11. I've just purchased my first job on Fiverr and I'm awaiting the results. I don't have huge expectations, but I'm willing to be surprised. The fact is, some jobs are just better than others for this type of thing. I just bought a simple logo, so I think I should be okay. We'll see.
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  12. I found some of the people on Fiverr are not delivering what is promised. Especially for web/seo related stuff.

    For other services so far I haven't had any problems, but for like link building, etc. it's tough to find reliable ones that produce results.
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  13. Maybe it's just me, but I repeatedly see Fiverr ads in which the owner pledges to make a webmaster a video testimonial for the webmaster's site. The problem is that, unless they're well-known or a person of authority in the webmaster's industry, the person giving said testimonial isn't (in my opinion) very persuasive. And besides, knowing what a lot of us know about Fiverr, a web visitor to the site may recognize that such testimonials could easily be purchased.
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  14. Fiverr is just a great thing for buyers.
    Though you need to be careful in buying SEO services as some services may hurt your site as they aren't done manually.
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  15. Thanks for the tip! I had heard of fiverr but not justafive… Are there any other sites like this, and is there much of a difference between them or are they all pretty similar?

  16. why is every one is so in love with fiverr ? it sucks ! i used it before and for some stupid reason when i had problems i couldnt get in touch with any one! So i join allot of fiverr clone sites and from all of them i think jobsfor7.com is the best the admin is nice plus if you post more than 10 gigs you get one featured ! and it dose makes me more money that fiverr!!!!!

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