P90X, Extreme Marketing at It’s Finest

For anyone who works out, or is up late enough to see late night infomercials, you probably have seen or used P90X. For those of you who haven’t, it’s an extreme home fitness training program to reshape your body in 90 days. I just ordered the program last week and am on the first week now. So far it’s an excellent program and I have nothing bad to say about it. What’s even more awesome about P90X is how they setup their online marketing and sales pages. They already have a significant presence on television with their infomercials, but once you come across their online sites, you get access to even more videos and information. What makes P90X different from other “as seen on tv” products or sales pages in general, is how amazing they are at upselling to their customers, and doing it in a way that works and doesn’t leave you feeling like you got cheated.

Excellent Sales Pages Full of Videos and Testimonials
We all know testimonials are what sells products… but imagine how effective they are when they are real! Just do a search for “P90X” on google and you’ll come across hundreds of sites and blogs from people using the program, posting their before/after pictures and writing blogs about how they are doing. More importantly, the majority of them AREN’T affiliate links or sales pages. The sales page is just perfect. High quality videos for each dvd/workout in the program. Lots of testimonials, customer reviews, and the option to try the program for 90 days.

Back to the actual landing pages for P90X, there’s two of them.

This is my favorite landing page, and the one I actually ordered from. It’s a longer sales pages, but is loaded with information and videos.

This landing page is right to the point, but still effective. It has the order form right in your face, while playing a short video to get your attention.

The Online Ordering Process
Everyone can learn from this ordering process. If you go through the ordering process from the first landing page, after you enter your shipping and cc info, you will be sent through through their “special offers“. This is where you are given the option to order the chin up bar, strength bands and protein shake etc… While giving you the option to add these to your order, P90X continually shows their price in “low monthly installments” instead of the full price. (This $130.00 value is yours for just another $16.95 a month for 3 months.) This not only makes the upsell/special offers seem cheaper, but they do an excellent job on laying out each of the pages and how you can add them to your order. I would imagine almost all buyers take advantage of these upsells, as they are delivered so effectively and get you motivated and anxious to receive your order.

While going through the ordering process, you are continually reminded on your total costs and what you are ordering. You also have the option to pay for everything at once.


Your credit card will be billed as follows:
Today you will be billed $69.69 plus any tax if applicable
If you choose to keep the product,
30 days from today you will be billed $39.95
A final $39.95 will be billed 30 days after that


P90X is sold by BeachBody, which is the parent company for many big name weight loss / exercise programs. As for affiliate sales and marketing, P90X doesn’t have an “affiliate program“, but they do have a “coaching” program, where you get your own web page and earn a commission on all referred sales. There is a $39.95 (one time) and $14.95 monthly membership cost to participate in the program.

Lately rebill offers from biz opps, weight loss and teeth whitening have given the industry and online ordering a bad taste in the consumers mouth. I just wanted to point out the way P90X can upsell to their buyers in such an effective way, while providing a great service and product. Everything is upfront and the buyer knows what they are getting and for how much.

Props to everyone behind the P90X product and their marketing/sales team.

Order P90X.

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  1. I’m on week 5 of P90X and I agree, it’s fantastic. I’ve never seen any of the infomercials but was recommended it by a friend. ProTip: next time search eBay! I bought it brand new in the box there for $80.

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  2. Heyya,

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the course – but be sure to keep an eye on your credit card. I considered buying that course too, and saw lots of complaints from people saying BeachBody later charging their cards for stuff they didn’t want or otherwise were unaware would be charged.

    Now those complainants may have been ‘tards that didn’t read everything on the page when they clicked thru, but there were additional complaints of bad customer service when they tried to resolve that problem too (reminded me of similar reports from people who signed up to Acai Berry rebills)… so just a friendly word of advice to keep an extra eye on your CC statement for a while.

  3. Zac, I’ve got to admit, the Beach Body team got me. I was skeptical at first especially after I saw the infomercial. But what actually sold me was logging into their forums and reading all of the non solicited testimonials and pictures. I’ve been using P90X for 8 weeks and have seen dramatic results. I’ve been wearing size 34-35 pants for years and I’m back down to 32s!

    There’s a lot that can be learned from Beach Body. They have not only done a great job marketing their product but have produced a high quality product that almost sells itself. It’s much easier to promote a product that you know is great than one that you know nothing about or have no confidence in. I wish they had an affiliate program because I would be all over it.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about P90x. Too bad you have to be a “coach” or whatever to be able to market the product.

  5. You cant miss these infomericals and I wonder if the company is actually profitable with everything it spends on marketing.

  6. Excellent write up on our P90X pages. We are always testing our landing, checkout, and upsell pages to optimize for the best conversion and customer experience. We are getting into affiliate marketing in addition to our Coach opportunity.

  7. I must admit, out of all the different exercise programs that I have seen this one by far is the best. It's no wonder that it's gotten such good praise from the market.

    Till then,


  8. I have a guy at my work who swears by this thing! He says that it is changing the way him and his wife lead their lives. I was told the ab work out is fantastic! Good luck I have 8 discs being burned for me right now.

  9. Zac,
    As a big fan and a newbie I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. I just wanted to pass along a healthy drink and have you comment on the Vemma home page. I am going to change the landing page. Good luck with your work outs and thanks for all the knowledge you have passed along. Looking forward to seeing you at blog world.

  10. I'm also on the first week of P90X…for the second time, because it kicked my ass the first time, lol. Tell me how it goes for you Zac

    Oh and that's awesome to hear they're finally getting into affiliate marketing!

  11. This program is one of the very few TV infomercial products that really work. I started using the older program a few years ago, and if you can stick to it, it works. Anyhow about the landing page, it really is professional done.

  12. The weight loss and health & fitness niche is one that has been explore by marketers ever since I can remember. The array of exercise gadgets and diets that went through my parent's household, versus anything else was actually quite scary. Some things never change.

  13. I did p90 (not the x version) for six months and lost 110 lbs, gained muscle/strength, etc… TOTALLY great system, but must be a lifestyle change. They are super marketers, but their products are great..just keep "pushing play" and you'll get results…eat what you know is right. enjoy!

  14. I never heard of this fitness program, but i am intrested in it. I will try to see how exactly it works and i will probably get a copy of the discs.Thanks for this info.

  15. I have yet to give any of these work out solutions a try, but if and when I need it I'll be sure to give these guys a try. I just keep hearing good things about them!

  16. This really looks like the real deal, and those testimonials can not be faked. How are you doing so far? It is well into your second week. How are you feeling, and how is the weight loss coming?

    Any chance of posting some pictures of your progress? It would be really cool, and is bound to become one of your all-time favourite posts.

  17. The landing page is really great, simply and perfect. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Best regards,


  18. I have seen P90X.but i never tried to use it. I'm thinking to try it out. Thanks for the info.

  19. I'm in Phase 2 of my P90X and it is kicking me in the butt. I'm still working out in the gym so I think both workouts are catching up with me. I'm looking forward to Insanity as well. Health is Wealth, pass it on…

  20. Seems like they have a good marketing plan, and that is one of the most important parts of a campaign. If you have an effective plan that can generate sales and also have a follow up campaign to make repeat sales, then you are definitely on the right track.

  21. I was not aware with this P90X… I am quite interested with this since I am

    body conscious.

  22. Hey Zac,

    Yea I was just thinking about the latest acai & colon cleanse scams and as an affiliate, I was getting discouraged about all the junk products out there.

    But this one definitely looks the goods. 🙂 Hopefully these CPA networks will start bringing out more quality offers.

  23. P90X is the real deal, and the marketing behind it is pretty intense. I actually use the Power 90 workout program, and have lost just about 50 pounds so far. I'm going to be stepping up to P90X after the New Year. great article Zac!
    My recent post Beachbody Coach Success-6 Steps to Build a Massive Team in Less Than 90 Days

  24. P90X is definitely the real deal… and yes, they are marketing geniuses! They "got" me 2 years ago… now I'm on round 10 of P90X… still Bringin' it!

    And get this, anyone that purchases P90X (or any other programs or products, gets assigned to one of Beachbody's qualified "coaches"… support for the customer, commission for the coach, lifelong customer for Beachbody… talk about win-win-win **disclaimer – yes, I am a coach and yes, I receive 3-7 customers from Beachbody every week… it's real
    My recent post Beachbody Customer Lead Program

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