PepperJamADS Video Tutorial

Last week when I launched my network review on PepperJam Network, I briefly went over one of their cool and unique features, which is called PepperJamADS. Most blogs and web sites have run Google Adsense at one point or another. The problem with running Google Adsense is that you have no control over the ads being displayed, and you also have no idea how much you are going to be paid. This great new feature from PepperJam Network, eliminates both. Using the PepperJamADS widget, you can setup your own contextual based banners with advertisements you select from the network, and will earn a commission per lead or a percentage of sale.

While the PepperJamADS tool may not convert on all web sites, it will convert if you have a web site or blog related to any offers they currently have on their network. Using the PepperJamADS tool is also very easy and effective. You can easily customize the size, colors and format of ad spots for your web site or blog. Another great feature is that they have a decent amount of text ad copy for each offer, which you can have rotate on your site. You will then have full tracking to back out which ad spots and campaigns perform best.

One of the main reasons I like the PepperJam Network so much, is because of their dedication to support and them wanting you to succeed with the network. President & CEO, Kris Jones, created an excellent video tutorial where he walks you through the Pepperjam Network interface and shows you how to create your very own affiliate marketing widget.

If you haven’t already, signup to PepperJam Network and try out their PepperJamADS tool and see what offers may convert with your site traffic. You never know how much money you may be missing out on.

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  1. Cool…. is this really the only network that offers such a widget? Seems really useful.

    Even more useful…. do you Zac, or anyone, know of a way to have AUTOMATIC contextual ads for affiliate networks or clickbank products? I want either Banner sized contextual ads like PepperJamAds or Adsense, OR underlined words in articles, like Kontera or Intellitext.

    But I want them to be automatic, not manual.

    Is this out there?


  2. To be honest, and this is from experience…my experience with pepperjam has been bad, and i've only been a member for 2 days. They took forever to get back to one of my emails, and on top of that, one of the vendors that I market right now hasn't even bothered to respond to my emails i've sent the past 2 days…I even called and left a message and nothing.

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