Make Money Promoting Mobile Offers with Pinox Affiliate Network

Written by Zac Johnson
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The world of online marketing is one that is growing in all directions at all times. While most affiliates and advertisers got their starts with desktop and search marketing, now it’s all about mobile marketing and application downloads.

With more people preferring to use their mobile devices over traditional desktops, the demand for mobile traffic and monetization is now higher than ever. Not only is the market ripe for the picking, it’s also one that’s just going to continue to grow as lesser advanced countries get their hands on new technology and mobile devices.

Pinox is an affiliate network that focuses solely on mobile advertising, while also giving their publishers the offers and tools they need to find success. As an “innovative solution for publishers and advertisers” their ultimate goal is to help all advertisers, brands and publishers “monetize mobile traffic with the help of the most advanced tracking platform.”

Pinox Mobile Affiliate Network

With more affiliate networks and ad agencies in the world today, it’s amazing there is enough traffic and business to go around. However, with the massive growth and expansion into mobile, these numbers continue to grow and surpass even the demand that most networks and traffic sources can provide. With so much competition in the affiliate marketing and lead generation space, it’s important to choose a network that has a clear focus and not just a ton of offers on their platform for you to choose from.

In the case of Pinox, it’s all about mobile marketing and maximizing their earnings for their publishers and advertisers.

One of the many advantages to working with a network like Pinox, is that they have a dedicated affiliate support team to help setup, create and scale affiliate ad campaigns. At the same time, they are also there to answer any questions you might have, or even boost your commissions when the volume and quality are there.

At the same time, an affiliate network is only as good as the offers it has and the tracking platform it has to offer. With Pinox only working with quality advertisers, affiliates can rest knowing their promotions will provide the best user experience and conversions possible — all while being fully tracked and monitored through their network and dashboard area — breaking down affiliate earnings on metrics such as earnings per click (EPC), click rate (CR), click-thru rate (CTR) and more.

Inside the Pinox Dashboard

After creating an affiliate account, you’ll gain instant access to the dashboard area where you can navigate through all areas of your account. As with most networks, this is where you will be able to pull up your campaign stats, select different offers, view payments, account information and also any advanced tracking tools offered through the platform.

In this same area, you will find the latest news on the latest affiliate offers added, payment changes, statistics for the day, top offers on the network and also your affiliate manager contact information.

Affiliate Offers from Pinox

As mentioned earlier, an affiliate network is heavily judged on the different offers they have. While many networks are still swapping offers and skimming slim margins off the top, it’s always best to find a network that has their own private offers or is working directly with larger brands. Not only does this help with the payouts to affiliates, it also helps builds better longterm relationships for both the affiliate, advertiser and the affiliate network.

Pinox currently has over 400+ different affiliate offers available on their network. This a good amount, as they are available in a wide range of countries, mobile platforms, and operating systems. This is ideal for affiliates that already know which countries convert best for them, along which the best traffic sources and mobile devices to target. When logged into the network, all offers can be sorted through based on the offer name, ID, category, country or any specific combination of the few.

As you can see in the screenshot above, some offers will have a green link to “Get link”, while others will have an orange “Request access” button. When an affiliate first joins Pinox, they will have access to a set amount of general offers to promote, while others will require permission. This is simply in place to make sure the quality of leads is highest at all times.

With offers ranging in type and geo-location around the world, payouts will range heavily. While there are some offers that pay out in the $1-$3 range, higher end offers will pay out in the $20+ range.

Once an affiliate finds an offer they would like to promote, they can select the offer and start reviewing their affiliate link, landing pages, ad creative and tracking options. Some offers will also come with their own restrictions or guidelines, such as where and how they can be promoted. This is something all affiliates should review before actively promoting an offer.

Using the Pinox API to Promote Offers

With a heavy focus on mobile marketing, you will find that many of the offers on Pinox do not have traditional banner ads or creative that you might find on other networks. This makes perfect sense, as mobile marketing and display advertising are two completely different beasts in themselves.

Pinox has their own solution for tracking and affiliate promotions, which is done through their API.

To access the API for your affiliate offers or account, simply refer to the “Toolbox” section in your main navigation area. In this area, you will be able to grab your API key and start integrating it with any promotion methods you might have in mind. With most affiliate marketers being used to traditional tracking links and URLs, there might be some confusion on how to best set this tracking method up, but the Pinox affiliate support team is always there to help with this process.

Monetizing Mobile Traffic with Pinox Affiliate Network

As we all know, mobile is no longer the future — it’s already here and it’s growing at a faster pace than any of us had expected. It’s something we’ve all talked about for years, and the time to cash in on this opportunity is now.

With mobile traffic easily being accessible across a wide range of traffic sources, it’s simply a matter of teaming up with the right affiliate network and getting the best offers in front of the right audience. This is all possible through Pinox, as they already have a number of extremely successful publishers and affiliates working within their network.

When it comes to payments, Pinox is sending out commissions on a weekly basis through wire transfer or Webmoney (in GBP, USD and/or Euro) on net-15 terms. For any affiliates that can push more than $1,000 a day for a week in commissions, payments will be sent out on a net-7 basis. Boost your commissions up to $2,000 daily and affiliates can be paid weekly without any hold on their commissions. In either case, the minimum payment threshold is $500, and there is also a 5% referral program in place for any affiliates referred to the network.

With mobile marketing on the minds of all internet users, advertisers and affiliates… now is the time to take action. Create an account with Pinox today and see how you can start earning with their affiliate network.

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