Pizza Money – Making Dough in Local Advertising

If you haven’t been able to successfully make money online, it doesn’t mean you are out of options for running your own successful business. Just think about how the business world has existed for centuries without the internet. Sure, the internet does make business a lot easier, exciting and effective, but it’s really all about your preference and how you run your business. The bottom line is, there will always be retail shops, places to eat and most importantly… OFFLINE ADVERTISING!

A new guide that was released last month shows you how you can start making a few thousand dollars a month, with virtually no internet experience or web marketing required. It’s all about tapping into a market where margins can be slim, but profitability comes with creativity and work. For anyone determined to start making money on their own, if you truly have the hustle and work ethic, I can see this program working for you.

The program I am talking about, is called Pizza Money. What this program and guide does is to walk you through the process of how to sell advertising on pizza boxes, while cross promoting within the community of advertisers in your area. The pizza place makes money by getting their coupons passed around, and they no longer have to pay the cost of buying fliers for their pizza boxes. The advertisers get awesome promotion through the pizza company and every time a pizza box goes out their doors with their coupons on it. You make money by putting the whole process together and selling these ad spots and managing their placements.

It’s Not the Size of the Check that Matters… But How Many You Get!

I read through the 24 page blue print ebook and it’s a good read. The whole process is broken down by Gina, who created the program and has been running her own pizza advertising business for some time now. It’s also cool because Gina will ship you a CD and hard copy book for you to always have a backup copy and so you can continually reflect to the guide book without having to bring around your laptop or ebook reader.

You can also upgrade to the monthly membership plan ($27/m after first 30 days), which gives you access to the members area where you can stay in contact with Gina and other trying to their their own pizza advertising business. Last time I checked, there are only around 40 members in the paid forum area, but some of them are providing some great information and actual day by day case studies on their progress. Not only will you get new ideas from these members, but you can also learn what to do and what not to do along the process.

For anyone struggling to make money online, or looking to try something new, the Pizza Money guide is a well thought out process and lays everything out for you.

Head over to the Pizza Money web site and watch a few of the videos Gina has created to further explain how her program works.

Feel free to leave any questions and comments, as I’ve personally been talking with Gina and told her to monitor the comments on this post.

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  1. I was actually quite disappointed. I clicked on one of the cheques on your screenshot to see the amount but instead I was redirected to a vendor site.

    Can you please upload the images in bigger size so we can have a better idea on what to expect?

  2. It is great if we find the way to make some extra money. I still looking for the best and effective way to make some extra money maybe I can try pizza money, don't you think so? =)

  3. That's an interesting twist on offline marketing. I wonder how many pizza companies would do it though, as most of them already attach their own coupons to each box, however, that's usually the major chains and I'm sure it would be difficult to try to secure advertising for them. The local ones, however, may be a different story.

    I dabble in some offline marketing, but I may just check this out. Seems interesting and the price is right 🙂
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