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Everyone has domains they want, but unfortunately they are most likely already registered. I was lucky enough to register my name, Zac Johnson(.com) back in 2000. Unfortunately someone else had my full name of Zachary Johnson(.com). Even though I prefer "Zac" over "Zachary", it would still be cool to have both. Whoever it was that owned ZacharyJohnson.com, just used the site as a one page personal resume. I had emailed the domain owner a few times and asked if he was interested in selling the domain for $500. I sent the email a few more times and never heard back from him. Yesterday, out of the blue I got an email from Pool.com saying the domain ZacharyJohnson.com had dropped and was picked up for my account. How cool is that! Instead of paying the guy $500 for the domain, I just had to wait a couple years and got it for $60, which went to Pool.com just for picking it up! (you only pay pool.com if they actually get the domain for you) I haven’t used Pool.com in a while, but I used to check them almost daily for their latest domain drops and pickups. I had made a list in my account of a bunch of domains that I wanted if they should ever not be renewed. (never expecting to get any of them) Amazingly enough ZacharyJohnson.com was the first domain for it to actually work! I am so happy with Pool.com and highly recommend them to all if you are trying to get that special domain name that is also taken!

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  1. That's good news. I signed up for pool.com to get the .com of my justpressplay domain (I own all the others), but the current owner keeps renewing and won't sell for anything reasonable. I'm hoping that pool grabs it up for me one of these days.

    1. It's the worst when someone won't sell! Even worse if you miss renewing a domain, then one of the parked registrars get it and they want like $50k for it, or don't respond at all. Good luck with getting it.

  2. I was researching over winter break on domaining. I was trying to get a couple of .com domains and it's ridiculous how companies like godaddy pick up domains. Right when they expire, millions of scripts are going off to buy a domain that is basically A-listed. If you are an individual like me, it is almost impossible to get a 'prime' .com, unless you use the services like pool who will charge you 60 dollars instead of the average 10 to buy a domain. These companies are making bank, in an almost 'monopoly' type market where the top registrars are dominating and reselling domains at a higher price than usual.

  3. Glad to hear this, Zac 🙂

    I am still waiting some of my target expiring domains to be captured by Pool.com..

  4. That's great news Zac! 🙂 Pool.com is quite an interesting site and very handy, I know a couple of my friends would be interested in this site. Thanks!

        1. Why is that so? Does Network Solutions have sort of a partnership with snapnames?

  5. this is interesting, and i signed up for it, but i dont think its for me

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