PPV Advertising: Network Reviews and Case Studies

In my setting up a PPV Campaign post, I gave a tutorial on how you can increase your profits and volume by running your own PPV (pay per view) ad campaigns. In the tutorial I used Adoori as the PPV network, but there are also many other pay per view sources out there for you to choose from.

However, not all PPV ad networks are created the same way, nor do they have the same traffic. Some networks will have low quality traffic, while other will continually stand out and convert better than others. In the end, you need to make sure you have exposure across several PPV networks so you can split test and see what traffic works best for your ad campaigns.

Below is a listing of well known and used PPV ad networks in the affiliate space, along with some notes on each. Feel free to leave your feedback and experience in the comments section.

Well Known and Recommended PPV Ad Networks

LeadImpact – https://www.leadimpact.com

A favorite among many in the affiliate marketing space, especially on dating and free trial related offers. Over 10 million monthly users, and the ability to target traffic by keywords and urls. $200 minimum to open an account.

TrafficVance – https://www.trafficvance.com

Also a top and preferred source of PPV traffic to many large affiliate marketers, TrafficVance has the ability to offer up massive traffic to it’s advertisers. In addition to regular PPV pop-unders, TrafficVance also offers text link, slidebar and peelback advertising. URL and keyword targeting options are also available. $1,000 minimum to open an advertiser account.

DirectCPV – https://www.directcpv.com

Running off a PPV cpm system that starts at .004 USD per view, DirectCPV has become a large source for PPV traffic. Keyword and URL targeting options available. With a low $100 minimum deposit, DirectCPV has a low entry point for new PPV marketers.

MediaTraffic – https://www.mediatraffic.com

Advertise to over 15 million opt-in users with three different methods of PPV advertising; highly targeted, broad traffic and run of network. While Media Traffic may not have as much traffic as other networks, they do offer a low $200 deposit to start an account.

Other PPV Networks for consideration…

PPV Training, Tips and Recommended Readings

Are you struggling or completely lost when it comes to running successful PPV campaigns? You are not alone, and fortunately there are plenty of blog and resources out there to help you. There is no need for you to spend a lot of money on PPV courses and learning tools. Instead focus on what the big players in PPV are using, such as excellent private forums like PPV Playbook and StackThatMoney. You also have a massive wealth of PPV information available to you through internet marketing blogs.

I wanted to help make this process a lot easier for you, so I have linked to some of the top PPV articles and resources found across the industry.

  • Marketing CPA Offers with PPC – Most affiliates will get started in the PPV space by promoting CPA offers. This two part series by Inside Affiliate will give you a quick walk through of the process.
  • PPV Network Reviews – Jonathan Volk does a nice review breakdown on the top PPV networks, along with the Pros and Cons of each.
  • Size Matters: PPV Landing Page Dimensions – Not all PPV networks are created equal, nor are the way they display pop under pages. Make sure you check your landing pages to make sure their dimensions match up.
  • Comparison of 10 Different PPV Networks – PPV Playbook took the time to run four different offers on separate PPV networks, then rated his performance and results for each. Which network was top rated?
  • PPV Case Study – Andrew Wee breaks down the results of his PPV campaign, along with some helpful tips and how to further monetize a PPV campaign.
  • Profitable PPV Case Study – A thorough case study break down from start to finish on how PPVPlaybook created a winning PPV campaign that brought in well over 100% return on investment.
  • PPV Landing Page Case Study – Profit Addiction breaks down several different PPV landing pages and their results using different audio and landing page formats.

In addition to the references listed above, there are a ton of other forums and blogs out there providing some great information. Networks are also always willing to lend a helping hand, such as EWA Network, which constantly sends out weekly mailings on how to create winnings campaigns, and Ryan is also an active user in many forums like StackThatMoney.

Just like pay per click marketing and social network advertising continue to drive millions of dollars in daily revenue, PPV advertising is no different and will not be slowing down any time soon. Continue to tweak ad campaigns and connect with other PPV marketers to improve your results and educate the affiliate marketing industry.

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  1. Am I right in thinking that in order to get any serious earnings from something like this you need a serious volume of traffic? So far I have used the approach of getting a small amount of traffic that is highly targeted to my offer and this converts quite well, would you think that this is more of a carpet bomb approach?

    The reason I ask is I have a test blog from years ago that i do next to nothing with and it makes no money but gets 1000's of visitors per month from google image search, this could be what I am after!
    My recent post 3 month payday loans

  2. Well now that I know how PPV works from your previous post, this is helpful too because it offers all of these alternatives to Adoori – you really do cover all of the bases, don't you? 😉


  3. I'm playing with DirectCPV now, over 3000 imp and 0 clicks still =) direct linking is probably not the best thing with ppv.

  4. Hello, I used MediaTraffic,, great ROI in Spain, Argentina and Brazil for my international offers. The min deposit is $100. They have me a discount for my US RON campaigns, but each campaign had to have a min of $100 daily cap. Great CS.

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