PPV Guide: How to Create Winning PPV Ad Campaigns

Last week I had the inspiration to start writing a few posts and guides on how to create winning ad campaigns, landing pages and creatives for PPV (pay per view) advertising. In addition to my own writing, I also made sure to include some excellent case studies and posts from other marketers and blogs who are doing well in the PPV niche.

For any of you who might have missed these posts, here is a recap on the PPV guide posts.

  • Increase Profits and Volume with PPV Advertising
    The hardest part about making money with any new model or in a different niche, is simply the act of getting started. In this post I walk you through the process of creating a PPV campaign, and the basics of campaign targeting and how PPV works.
  • PPV Advertising: Network Reviews and Case Studies
    Now that you have an understand of how PPV advertising works, there are many different options when it comes to where and how you would like to advertise. Depending on the network you choose to run your PPV ad campaigns, you will see a big fluctuation in traffic, targeting and a return on your investment. In this post I breakdown the top companies for buying PPV traffic.
  • PPV Landing Page Tips
    Sure, you might know how to creating winning landing pages for search marketing and social networks, but it’s a whole new game when it comes to PPV advertising. You only have a few seconds to engage your PPV traffic and make them take action. Are you using these tips and tricks on your landing pages?

I’m sure you will find plenty of these resources helpful. If you know of any other great blog posts, case studies or resources, feel free to add them in the comments area. I will keep updating these pages and will build a complete free PPV guide in the coming weeks.

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  1. Question, when i'm creating PPV campaign, the landing page is the offer (from neverblue for example) so why i need to build my own landing page?

    1. Landing pages are for those offers in which the person wants to get an email subscriber or any other action.
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    2. Right, as the others have mentioned, many campaigns will convert better when you have a specific pre-landing page. Also, if you are doing PPV advertising, you don't want to his the advertisers with thousands of page views that aren't converting, as they are pop unders and not real clicks.

  2. Great idea to make famous blog post and get more traffic in just some times.
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  3. Thanks for the heads up Zac I am looking into ppv advertising I want to do some research and see which ppv network performs the best. Your blog posts should be of great help,thanks.

  4. I have a Starchoice satellite receiver (the newer one, not sure what model it is) and I accidentally hit the PPV button on the remote. Now the guide will show only PPV unless I go into interest and pick something else, I can't get it to show all the channels. Anyone know how to fix it?

  5. These PPV Guides seems awesome & very helpful. I was a bit confused about PPV Landing Page Tips but the link you provided for PPV Landing Page has helped me a lot to understand what really is PPV.

  6. Nice post Zac. PPV is quite hot nowadays are your posts sure do help us in walking on the right track!
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  7. Zac, this is great. I just started promoting my YouTube videos, which is surprisingly inexpensive. I'm looking forward to using these ideas to monetize. Thanks yet again!

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    1. Very cool. I did some testing with YouTube video advertising as well. I ended up with some pretty cheap clicks. Maybe I will do a write up on this next.

      1. That would be great if You did!

        Mr Credit
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  8. I truly liked it. I was searching for such information. Thanks for sharing such an helpful post.
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  9. Great and detailed article!

    I´m thinking about using PPV advertising to promote CPA offers and to build my email list as well, but I´m not sure where to start how?

    After reading your article, all my questions are answered so far! Great work thanks!

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