Premium Tailored Affiliate Services from Concierge by CoolHandle

Written by Zac Johnson
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You probably have a concierge service with your business credit card, so shouldn’t you have one for the rest of your business services as well? Especially if you are an affiliate marketer!

If you don’t know what a concierge is, it’s basically someone you can contact at any given time and they will look up information for you and your business. I’m currently setup with one through my American Express Platinum card. I don’t use mine too often, but I know there are people who call theirs up all the time. They can look for everything such as event tickets, better pricing on different services, travel plans and much more.

So back to my other question… wouldn’t it be cool to have a concierge for your business which could make your day to day operations a bit easier?

Here’s an example… let’s say you are looking to setup a new web site for an ad campaign and need to find someone to design a header or graphics for your site and setup the actual lead gen and get the site live. The last thing you are going to want to do is create a listing on eLance or a micro job site, look through all of the resumes and pick someone… hoping they do a great job. That isn’t the way to run a productive ad campaign.

Now there is a new solution to better manage your business and time!

Concierge by CoolHandleCoolHandle web hosting company has been providing business hosting and services to thousands of customers for many years now and they’ve recently just expanded on their services with a brand new concierge service.

Concierge by CoolHandle offers boutique-level support at enterprise level scalability.  They have services such as creative services, technology integration, online software installers, merchant services, customer service, tuned hosting, colocation, and much more… basically a one-stop concierge service for affiliate and internet marketers.

The interesting thing about CoolHandle is that they are actually a hosting company, which has then gotten into the concierge providing services. With thousands of customers it only makes sense. Imagine how many customers probably send in emails to their support team asking where to find quality business services. Instead of pushing these users to other services, CoolHandle has created their own team to cater to these customers and their needs.

Concierge by Cool Handle

Here’s another great example of how you take advantage of their services.

Business Graphs and ChartsLet’s say you would like to start an ad campaign for a hot new advertiser in your niche. You already know how to promote the offer, but you don’t want to spend all of the time it takes to create a winning business model and lead process. Instead you can contact the Concierge by CoolHandle team with all of your specs and details and they will create everything for you. This covers everything from site design, lead gen forms, banner ads and ad copy.

As an online marketer you need to better manage your time with what makes money and outsource the design work.

In short, it’s a complete solution to your outsourcing headaches… no matter what you are promoting or growing. When an internet marketer needs a launch, all they have to do is hand it over and tell Concierge what you want created: videos, tuned hosting, marketing materials, etc.

Ryan Morris, the Marketing Director over at CoolHandle Web Hosting had the following to say about the launch of their new service.

We actually ARE a hosting company. However, we have been offering most of these services for a while, but never really marketed them. Concierge by CoolHandle is our way of showing off the many talents we have been offering our partners for quite some time. On our new Concierge site, we have testimonials from of our partners.

We all know the competition in the online marketing space is fierce, and it’s way to easy to get distracted with new projects and focus our much needed efforts elsewhere. A little help here and there is something we can all use. Seeing that CoolHandle was able to create their own concierge service to create the ultimate service package for online marketers is a huge step in the right direction.

If you would like to be more productive and outsource the time consuming tasks and development stages to a company who knows what they are doing, be sure to check out their site at

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  1. This sounds like a great opportunity Zac. I wished I still lived on the West coast. I would take advantage of this chance to be an owner. thanks

  2. This is an innovative way of outsourcing those boring or tough tasks that eat up our day. I've found myself spending valuable hours doing what would take an expert somewhere a few minutes (The problem is that you don't often know where to find such an expert at a reasonable cost). I can see that this service will change that.
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