Presidential Candidates Net Worth

With the election less than a year away, we are inundated with everything we can possibly need to know about each of the possibly presidential candidates. Whether it’s their past history, drug use, their stand on the war or anything else you can possibly think of, but there’s one top that doesn’t come up too often. How rich are these presidential hopeful’s really worth? Money Magazine recently did an article on the top candidates and how much richer than us they really are, and where they’re keeping their stash! From Mitt Romney’s $200+ Million net worth, all the way down to Obama’s $1.3 Million… we got ya covered!

Republicans (millions) Democrats (millions)
Mitt Romney – $202 – Full Review Hilary Clinton – $34.9 – Full Review
Rudolph Giuliani – $52.2 – Full Review Barrack Obama – $1.3 – Full Review
Fred Thompson – $8.1 – Full Review John Edwards – $54.7 – Full Review
John McCain – $40.4 – Full Review

I remember during the last election I saw something pretty crazy! The Republican party had an affiliate program running on CommissionJunction, which was paying 30% commissions on all party donations. What this meant was, anyone referred from an affiliate site, and donated say $100…$30 (30%) of that actually would have went to the “affiliate site”, then another transaction percentage to CJ for handling the transaction. What I’m getting at is that a good portion of your donations were actually going elsewhere too! I’ll be interested to see if this happens again this year. I think it’s quite shady to take commissions from any donations, even if they are political… but imagine what type of earnings you could see if you ran a political site with loyal candidate followers!

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  1. I don't think I could morally bring myself to promote the Republican party, even with a 30% payout and lots of rich Republicans eager to donate…

    Clearly Obama is the people's candidate here. 🙂

    1. I don't see how you can say Obama is "clearly" the people's candidate. Millionaires aren't exactly your average American. And with the exception of Romney, the Republicans aren't any richer than the Democrats.

      1. Don't see how you can say the Republicans aren't any richer. Between the candidates above, they have over $300,000,000 and the Democrats above only have around $90,000,000. AND, this doesn't take into account ALL the Republican and Democrat candidates. I'm sure if you had an accounting of ALL of both parties net worth, the Republicans would be well over $1 billion dollars. Not so for the democrats.

        Sorry – Republicans are for the big businessman and the rich, and the Democrats still are more concerned about the middle class and the poor.

    1. Paying the bills isn't really a big concern for these people; they have higher ambitions and a desire for accomplishment. I don't think I'll stop trying to achieve just because my net worth increases.

    2. Yea, my guess is it stopped being about the money a long time ago. Now it's just a power thing. When you have power. Why do you need money?

  2. "Republican party had an affiliate program running on CommissionJunction, which was paying 30% commissions on all party donations"

    hahah, this is realllyy crazy man 🙂

    nice sharing ..,


  3. Imagine if the country was run by rich affiliate marketers?

    "just Enter your zip code to get a FREE tax return!"

    then Zac Could write the "Super affiliate guide to becoming president". I'd vote for him.

  4. There are people who get paid getting written signatures for political petitions in public places, something like $2.50 per name – offline pay-per-action.

  5. Here's a marketing case study of a strictly grassroots effort (no affiliate payouts, no campaign involvement) that brought in $4.3 million in 24 hours and $6.04 million in 24 hours: (anniversary of the Boston Tea Party)

  6. Ron Paul Anyone???? This is exactly why he has my vote.Of course we could just vote, for the same rich bureaucrats over and over till there isnt a middle class.

  7. hmm how unsuprising how every single one of the candidates is actually a millionaire, (ok Obama is only just) so do they want the job as they are financially secure and think they can make a big difference to the lives of others or do they just see it as the worlds best money making franchise like the Bush family have done having milked it in outstanding style to say one of the clan has the IQ of microwave meal.

    RE your thoughts on "I think it’s quite shady to take commissions from any donations, even if they are political…"

    Zac.. being in the whitehouse is a business.. if you get in.. you get to make BILLIONS of dollars one way or another, there's cash coming from all directions.. why else would someone spend all those millions trying to get in there.. to make a difference !??! yeah maybe if it was Oprah or perhaps maybe one of the candidates at most up there..

    Politicians the world over are just in it for themselves apart from the most minniscule of percentage of them, and not enough to make a difference, the mere process of getting to be a candidate usually weeds out those who won't tow the party line and be a good lap dog to big industry where the money flows from as many have interests in far more than one or two companies too.

    Even Bush Junior was "bright" enough to make billions whilst in "power" .. imagine how much a real businessman could make so heck yeah they'd pay 30% of the cash out just to ensure they can burn millions getting in .. 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing !!

    And regarding all the cash not going where it's supposed to, Most charities actually have far higher administration costs than you would think so why should political donations be any different, some charities are so managment heavy and self serving they bleed the funds down to an insance percentage of the donations, in teh UK we've heard of some running at 80% of the cost of donations in administration.. you can see more on the US charities here

    They have a marketing budget so why shouldn't candidate campaigns.. at least some affiliates would benefit from the gravy train instead of just the already wealthy few

    ok I'm a natural born cynic and I know it but I'm usually more on the money than off it 😉

  8. Many of these candidates have increased their wealth tremendously since our wars began,Dems and Repubs.Guiliani supposedly didn't have any assets in 2002,then he was paid 1.7 million per speech for 20 consecutive speeches.That was his 6/11 payday.McCain was sopposed to be worth less than 2 million in 2003,now 40.4 million.I couldn't even find Hillary listed in the senate millionaires in 2003,but now 35 million.Ever wonder why they voted for war and why they let it continue.I wish i could find a list of all congresspersons before the war and what it is now.War has been veeeeeeeeery good to the a**holes who voted for it.Anyway,Obama is only worth about a million and a half.That makes him closest to being your average man.There should be a law saying these elected officials cannot leave office with more than they started,except adjustments for inflation..

  9. Every charity or organization or fund or cause pays those who bring in the donations. How else are you going to get donations? It takes work to bring in the funding and work aint free.

  10. After reading a lot of them they will participate in the world wide web of inapprioately unfortunately aspecting visions.

  11. WOW! This is interesting. the Youngest with the least amount of Cash is our President Elect. My son will love this for his school report! Thanks ZAC!! 🙂

  12. Why do you think someone with a net worth of over 200M would want to run for President?

    I believe he knows he can make a difference. This country needs someone like him, now! If anyone can do it, he can. Look at what he did in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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