Prize Claw – The Addiction and Monetization of Mobile Game Apps

I just completed another level… I’m now at level 40 out of at least 90. That is until they release a new update! I can’t put it down… I’m addicted to another stupid iPhone game and waiting as the seconds go by, just so I can get an extra turn! For the moment… I am an iPhone game addict!

I must admit, I rarely play games on the iPhone, but every once in a while I will come across a game that is completely addictive. First it was FieldRunners, then Angry Birds for a bit and now it’s Prize Claw! I saw the game on the top 20 download this a few days ago and have been playing it ever since. I live near the boardwalk and have always played grab machines for prizes, so I had an immediate attraction to the game, but to see it have widespread success is great!

What makes Prize Claw a winning success that everyone wants to play?

  1. It’s free!
  2. It’s fun and easy to play!
  3. It’s addictive and can be played in short periods of time.

Prize Claw Monetization and Plans for Domination!

Prize Claw is created by Game Circus LLC, which has done an amazing job creating apps of all your favorite games that you would see at a boardwalk or circus. Prize Claw is just one of the games in their line up, and I am sure they will soon be one of the top game developers out there.

Along with creating a killer series of games, they have also done a great job at monetizing the game as well.

  1. In-game banner advertising (through iAd)
  2. Watch videos/game ads for additional game play
  3. Install other games for additional game play
  4. Pay real money for more turns/unlocking features

By creating a free game that will bring Game Circle thousands (if not millions) of downloads and users, they are gaining access to millions of mobile devices, where they can continually serve massive banner impressions through iAd. (The banner continually rotates as you play the game). When you play Prize Claw, you are given a small amount of tries to grab a prize. When you run out, you either have to wait a minute (while playing), or 15 mins (when not playing) to receive an extra try. Instead of waiting, you have the option to download one of Game Circle’s other mobile games for 20 free credits, or watching a video for another mobile app, which gives 2 free credits. The video option is quite awesome, as Game Circle can branch this option out to nearly every application and sell on a cpm or download basis.

The last option for revenue generation is from people who don’t want to watch videos, download other apps or wait for free game credits, and that is to actually pay for more credits. Depending on the amount of credits, or the upgrade you would like to buy, this will cost any where from $0.99 to $19.99. For any of us already using an iPhone or advanced mobile device, we know how easy and tempting it is to simply click a button and drop a few dollars on an app, since it’s just being directly billed to our monthly plans. Also, don’t forget about all the kids playing games, downloading and spending money on their parents accounts!

The Future of Mobile Gaming Apps

Angry Birds is notably the most successful gaming app and company (Rovio) to launch off mobile app success. As more designers and companies are getting into the game, it still comes down to the simple idea that what’s fun and easy still works best. You can spend millions of dollars creating what could be the most indepth and advanced game ever, but if it isn’t simple and fun, and loved by the millions of mobile device users out there, it could end up like a cheap toy in the grab machine that no one really needs.

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  1. Zac..I think my wife loves the angry birds more then me..she plays that crap every day.

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  2. Is there some reason that these games are so addictive? I can't get enough of angry birds either, it's ridiculous! But I think in-app purchases are definitely a great way to monetize from mobile apps, I'm a prime example because I've purchased a few upgrades myself!!

  3. everything is addictive in this era of technology, when you sit on your laptop you could go on for hours and hours. Angry birds isnt a bad game at all though.
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  4. Hi, Zac,
    thanks for the insights of Prize Claw game…I should definitely stay away from it, as I am already addictive to Angry Birds. I think one is enough…it is hard to get rid of the gaming addiction.:)
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  5. Hey Zac mobile game apps is where the big money is at you can literally get rich overnight since everyone pretty much has a cell phone on Earth lol. This Prize Claw game looks pretty cool I have not heard of it so I am gonna check it out. Everyone and their mom is playing angry birds its pretty funny how addicting these games can be.
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