Project Virgle’s Video Submission to Mars

Written by Zac Johnson
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What may seem like an April Fool’s Day joke, is anything but… Google and Virgin have teamed up to create Virgle, which is planned to be the first human settlement on Mars. Two new videos from both Larry, Sergey (co-founders of Google) and Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), were added to YouTube yesterday. In each video, the founders talked about their plans and goals for project Virgle. To make things even more exciting, they would like everyone interested (in living on Mars), to submit a short 30 second video on why they should be selected as one of the first inhabitant on Mars.

[youtube aV9_aFykaxU nolink]

I can’t imagine the extremely long process they have setup to manage and go through all of the video submissions. However, they will have plenty of time, considering they don’t expect to be on Mars anytime within the next 15-20 years. If you aren’t already familiar with Richard Branson and Virgin, they are already in the process of sending people into space and trying to make it as cheap as possible. The future is very bright for these two companies and they have the money and funding to make it happen.

[youtube SDSR_lB8bdo nolink]

So, what do you think? April Fool’s Day Joke? A simple 30 second video that could be worth millions? Visit the Project Virgle web site and fill out their application form and see if you have what it takes to be one of the few Virgle pioneers to inhabit Mars with Sergey, Larry and Richard? 🙂

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