Expert Tips on How to Make Money Promoting Online Monitoring Software

Software has always been one of the most lucrative and fascinating ways to make money online — for both brands and affiliate marketers. The reason for this is that software solutions usually have much higher margins than traditional affiliate offers, while also having a demand for an exact audience as well. This is often due to the software or infrastructure already being in place, and often having no physical products to create, ship or fulfill.

This is something we’ve seen for decades now in the ‘anti-virus’ and ‘speed up your computer’ space. Everyone needs these types of software solutions, and there is a never ending supply of new customers who are searching for answers to their latest tech problems and needs. Throw in the recent data breaches and attacks on personal information, and data protection and anti-virus software removal solutions are seeing sales like never before. With everyone now having all of their personal data online and basically their lives on their mobile device, protecting and monitoring your personal information is now more important than ever before.

While privacy and protection are likely some of the first things that come to mind when you think of software solutions for protecting your personal data, another should be the monitoring of personal or business devices in your home or workplace. This is something the team over at mSpy has not on created and perfected, they’ve also built a powerful affiliate marketing infrastructure around their business as well — while also helping affiliates earn thousands of dollars in the process.

To learn more about mSpy and how affiliates are generating more money with software than ever before, I sat down with Simon Washington, the Affiliate Manager over at mSpy and had him answer a few questions about the current affiliate marketing landscape and how to best approach the marketing of software online.

1. As affiliate marketers and brands, we are always looking for the best offers to promote. Not just for the sake of making money, but also to provide value to our audience and customers. Can you tell us about software, how it works and also why it’s been a successful offer for an affiliate to continually make money with?

Hello Zac, hello everyone, thanks for having me, I really appreciate it.

mSpy is the leader in the phone activity monitoring software niche, we provide advanced features for remote phone and PC monitoring and have about 2 million users worldwide.

mSpy gives its users opportunity to track the activity of a target device – phone calls, messages, social media, messengers, location, browsing history. We work hard to make the product as useful as possible and constantly improve things and processes.

When someone searches for a product to promote, he wants it to be reliable, useful, popular and well converting. Well… mSpy is about that.

2. Software has always been a great industry to be in, as the profit margins can be quite high. This is something we see in the mSpy affiliate program as well, with commissions starting at 40%, and going as high as 60% with volume. How were these commission levels determined and what does it take for an affiliate to scale their earnings to hit 100+ sales per month?

First of all, I’d just make a minor clarification – mSpy is not just a software, it is a service. mSpy app is just a tiny client, providing a full range access to the number of features and information. Plus, unlike most SaaS services, we are targeted at B2C market, not just B2B. It gives us quite a competitive edge in the software niche. Our product is subscription based, so our CLV is relatively high. The B2C focus and multiple supported platforms allow for an appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Based on that we’ve been able to provide more than competitive commission structure to our affiliates, while adding long-term income as well.

We have a number of affiliates making over 100 sales monthly and there is more than one way to reach those results. Some affiliates build international websites or a number of websites in different languages. Some focus on just one geo, but cover a wide range of topics, that they can effectively rank for. Some go further and optimize their traffic by splitting it between different offers and landing pages. I wish I’d seen more of partners like that.

3. Of the many different ways to promote mSpy (seo, email, content, media buying), what do you recommend affiliates get started with?

So far, SEO has been the most lucrative promotional method for our affiliates. Creating niche websites and helping people find a solution for their specific problems/goals is what works really great. People search for something like “How to track WhatsApp messages”, get to the article where you lay down all the process from installing mSpy, setting it up and showing how to get results people are looking for. This method has made very good money for some of our guys.

Paid search is also a strong channel to attract traffic. Nice LP is what makes or brakes your PPC campaign and our product is not an exception. If you can create a good looking LP with a strong copy, it may work great.

Media buying and Social networks do not work as good, but also worth testing for sure. We are working on adding new offers which will work well with media buys and social.

So, to make it short:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid search
  3. Social

4. Retargeting has quickly become one of the best ways to turn lost customers into return visitors and then potential new customers. With a 120-day sale tracking pixel in place, how are affiliates best using retargeting to increase affiliate sales?

In fact, our affiliates do not have to do retargeting, we will do this for them. As soon as the user clicks the affiliate link he is being assigned to this affiliate, we will run a retargeting campaign and convert him and the affiliate still gets his conversion. Our retargeting campaigns spread for months ahead, so the sales tracking period just enough to cover them.

5. Many bloggers and affiliate marketers like to create niche review sites in hopes to get them to rank in the search results for some great long tail keywords. What type of results have you seen with affiliates doing this, and what should site creators keep in mind for best results?

Yeah, niche blogs have been very successful source of revenue for our affiliates. Competition is much lower than in more general niches like antivirus, hosting, financial, Amazon. And payouts are higher.

When creating a niche website/blog we usually recommend to do a proper keyword research to find those golden nuggets with high volume and low competition. We also provide keywords to get the idea in what direction to look at if the affiliate is new to the niche. We can also advise our affiliates, which keywords/sub-niches convert particularly well.

Second thing is to create useful engaging content that will provide value to the visitor, show how to use the software, give tips and advice. Keywords will attract visitors to the website but quality copy is what makes them buy. We have affiliates with similar traffic, but hugely dissimilar content quality – and that’s enough to show for a 100%+ difference in ROI.

If you already have a ready website in a contiguous niche (Android/iPhone related, software), our content team can write content for you. So you will just need to post it and build some links to make it rank, or even just monetize it with your current audience.

You can see perfect examples of this type of content on our mSpy blog, which already features many useful guides and resources that are completely relevant to who our target audience and customers are.

6. Some offers perform really well on desktop, while other work better on mobile. What are some of the best traffic sources for promoting mSpy monitoring software?

We definitely recommend SEO and paid search as the best traffic sources to market mSpy. All our pages are mobile optimized and work great with mobile traffic. The main thing here is that affiliate’s pages are mobile optimized as well.

Aside from traffic source, it also depends heavily on the offer you’re up to promote.

Mobile users are more inclined to binge browsing, which makes our CPA offers more relevant to them. Desktop users are easier to convert to a sale, especially if they’d come from an SEO source – so our CPS offers do perform best on those.

7. How can our audience of affiliates get in touch with you to learn more about the mSpy affiliate program and how to start earning money with it?

We highlighted all the details on our affiliate page at

But if you have any additional inquiries you can always reach out to us via email


Special thanks to Simon Washington for taking the time to share his expertise on both affiliate marketing and how to effectively promote software solutions like mSpy online. To learn more about their affiliate program, visit the link above or contact Simon directly at

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