Promoting SaaS Ecommerce as an Affiliate

Growth in the ecommerce industry is making an impact on affiliate marketers. Software as a service (SaaS) ecommerce models are growing each day and business owners and marketers are taking notice. As discussed in a previous post, the ecommerce industry is experiencing rapid gains, so now is a great time to get involved as an affiliate.

So, how does one become a successful affiliate for a SaaS ecommerce solution? Here are a few tips that will help you along the path to success:

• Make sure banners/text links are visible – what’s the point in offering the opportunity if no one can find it on your website?

• Create a post and/or overview of the software and what it offers – people need to know basic information about the product you’re promoting and why they should use its included services.

• Create social media announcements on FB/Twitter – use these free marketing tools to your advantage by fostering a community of followers who will appreciate your expert advice.

• Submit articles that discuss ecommerce on free submission sites – set yourself apart as a thought-leader by posting high quality content that educates readers.

• Use text/banner links in your newsletters– give your readership a call to action (a reason to click on the banner) and see what the ecommerce solution is all about.

• Increase the visibility of your site¬ – use online marketing methods like PPC, SEO and social media to get noticed in search engines for keywords related to ecommerce.

Affiliate marketing can be tricky, but it helps to be an affiliate for a reputable company that offers great pay-outs and support. The more well known the brand or web site you are promoting, the more likely a customer is willing to sign up for an offer or service. As an affiliate, your goal should be to find reliable SaaS ecommerce companies that offers everything an affiliate would want, including first-class customer service and a powerful ecommerce product offering.

This guest post was written by the affiliate marketing team at Volusion. For more information on their company how to promote SaaS services, visit their partner program.

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  1. Makes perfect sense, a lot of it has to do with proper relationship building … and as you said "the more well known the brand or web site you are promoting, the more likely a customer is willing to sign up for an offer or service"

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  2. Great tips man.
    You mentioned a lot of free tools that can be used to get your product out there.
    This is important because there is so much out there that is available for free. It's good to do your homework and know what tools are out there.
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  3. That's some great tips.
    Regarding #1 I think it sometimes can be hard to make the banners blend in with the page design. Therefore I've taken an online photoshop course to learn to create my own banners. It's quite easy to learn and you can seriously use it to a lot of purposes.
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  4. Hey,Zac,
    affiliate marketing is tricky, indeed, but if right steps are taken, it can be managed quite successfully. You gave here some really good observation points, of which I like the most the ones related to visibility of the banner and the increase of the site visibility through SEO and right keywords.
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  5. FB and Twitter are the effective tools to get the attention of the customers. And I think most of the businessmen are using these because they know they can get a lot of followers. Perhaps you can invite some friends and colleagues so that they can invite their friends too.

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