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With so many affiliate programs and networks out there, how are you supposed to know which are best for you. Tyler Cruz has created a great looking affiliate network directory, called PublisherSpot. Not only does the site have a great setup for his reviews on networks, but the overall navigation and setup of the directory is easy enough as well. There are currently 39 affiliate network reviews on the site, with more to come. Here are a few highlights of PublisherSpot and why it’s worth your time to check out.

Reviews posted on PublisherSpot are in great detail. Tyler writes a decent amount on the following fields for each of his network reviews: Features, Control Panel (Main, Reports, Profile, Campaigns, Merchants, Mail), Registration, Publisher Support, Payment, Referral System and an ending Summary. Instead of having to browse through an actual affiliate network to find answers to your questions, you should be able to find everything and more in each network review.

How does your current ad network compare to the competition?
These Networks are ranked PublisherSpot’s “
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Instead of just a search box like many other directories, PublisherSpot has some very detailed search fields. Search capabilities include Rating, Category, Minimum Payment, Payment Frequency, Payment Methods and Ad Creative. I think it would be out of the ordinary for many people using the site, to specifically search out programs based on their minimum payments, or frequency… but they are cool features to have. Better yet, at the bottom of each review, there is a full run down of the program and their pay out structure. Whether you are searching programs based on the specific fields above or just browsing through each review, you will see the key information you need about each network.

An Easy to Read Breakdown is Available on each Network Review.

With an affiliate directory, you are never sure if the reviews or listing are biased or not. PublisherSpot has gone beyond a flat text review, and implemented a voting system that takes an average from all votes for that specific network. Instead of just seeing the feedback from one person, you are given an overall review rating from others currently using the network. Should PublisherSpot become a player in the affiliate directory space, these rankings could give a nice scale on the best performing networks.

How was your network experience? VOTE for your network on a scale of 1 to 10.

In addition to the network reviews, PublisherSpot also has a forum. The current topics of the forum focus on affiliate marketing, network reviews and general discussion. The forum was just launched on May 22nd, so the activity is pretty minimal. No matter the site, the goal of running a successful forum is one of the hardest. I would recommend that Tyler tries to get some affiliate managers on board to possible answer any questions or give advice to active affiliates.

Network, Communicate and Share Ideas on the PublisherSpot Forum

So what will it take for PublisherSpot to become a major player in the affiliate market space? Tyler is already working on getting extra exposure to the site by ordering several reviews from popular blogs, which already focus on affiliate marketing. I would also recommend listing some active or current offers available through the networks. It nice to get a review on networks, but what’s inside also matters. One of the toughest factors will be focusing on growth efforts and participation for the PublisherSpot forum. Everyone wants to have their own active community, but how many do you actually want to join and be active in. Instead of putting full efforts into a forum, the option for user comments and feedback for each review might be a better choice. Feel free to list your comments, advice and opinions for the site as well.

When I first saw PublisherSpot several months ago, I thought it was a nice idea. With the recent updates in place, it could become a nice resource for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing. With the establishment of PublisherSpot, Tyler is also lining himself up the possibility of a big sale in the future, should someone come along and want to purchase the site. The great thing about a site like this, is that once you build up the database and content, it continues to work for you and make money. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements and growth down the road from PublisherSpot.

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  1. I've always thought Publisher Spot could take off. One thing I would suggest Tyler changing is the fixed width to 1024.

  2. Looks really nice and he's used quite a few networks that I haven't so I'll definitely be visiting it more often.

  3. Thanks for the great detailed review and overview of PublisherSpot Zac. A member commenting system is certainly in the works, along with a plethora of other new features and improvements.

  4. Yes, Really interesting and professional, Great Idea I think it will bring him a lot of profit in the long term !

  5. I will have a look at the site later today, I am not too much into affiliate marketing but will definitely like to learn.

  6. Nice site. Nowadays it is becoming more difficult to choose one network among all those networks out there. It is good to have some reviews and ratings.

  7. This is one of Tyler's best work yet. I believe Publisher Spot will grow very big as the blogosphere continues to grow 🙂


  8. Well, even don't know what to say…

    If so many people were interested in this project, I think it must be useful. Let's see it later.

  9. Like many other things Tyler has done, I doubt he will ever carry out or finish this project. Not to mention, Tyler is a bit of a disgrace in the affiliate world. His only claim to any fame is a measly 1-time commission on a domain sale. I close deals the same size a few times each week. Zac Johnson, keep up the great work, but I don't think associating with such a complete self-centered jerk like Tyler will do much good for you.

    Seriously, we are talking about the same guy who supposedly gives away money if he doesn't get his work done – using that as motivation… Pfft. Someone needs some Adderall.

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