PublisherSpot Affiliate Directory Updates

Written by Zac Johnson
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A few months ago I first wrote about the a resource site for reading up on all of the affiliate networks out there. The site was, and it’s run by Tyler Cruz. Over the past few months Tyler has spent some time and money upgrading the site and wanted to get opinions from everyone on what could be done to improve the site.

Some of the new features and improvements to the site include:
Universal Member System
(Create your own account to manage comments/ratings)
Member Commenting System
(Leave your thoughts and experiences on different networks for others to read)
Improved Voting System
(Rank your best performing networks and boost them up on the list)
Front Page News Area
(Affiliate marketing news and PublisherSpot updates)
Search by Name Function
(Better search capabilities have been added)

Tyler also created a video walkthrough and navigates us through the new features of his site.

Right now there are around 45 networks listed on the directory site and this site could grow to be a big money generator for Tyler. The foundation has already been place, and now it just needs a community of contributors to bring it to the next level. What would you like to see added or removed from the current setup at PublisherSpot?In addition to all of the improvements made to PublisherSpot, be sure to check out Tyler’s blog at Tyler is also holding an affiliate marketing challenge with over $10,000 in prizes, so be sure to check that out.

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5 Replies to “PublisherSpot Affiliate Directory Updates”

  1. Zac, I think the video code has messed the layout up a bit? I’m seeing it all over the place the minute anyway.

  2. Wow, that's a nice site.

    Even those most major affiliate networks don't scam, this is great to know who actually has some good offers and whose offers are crap.

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