How to Find a Niche that Makes Money and Promoting with PUSH Ads – Step By Step Guide

Written by Zac Johnson
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Have you ever wondered how brands, affiliate marketers and ad agencies create super effectively and highly profitable ad campaigns from pop up style ads that appear on your mobile device and across the internet?

If so, you’re in luck! As today we will be highlighting the basics of Push Ads, while also walking through the most basic and advanced steps in setting up a campaign. We’ll even be covering affiliate marketing, and what makes it the perfect partner in push advertising.

By the end of this article, you will have a much better idea on everything you need to know about finding and promoting affiliate offers that make profits.

What Are Push Ads?

Push Ads are short notification messages combined with an icon or image that appears on users smartphones on computer screens as soon as they are triggered.

Push notifications are sent by websites or apps, and most of the time used for weather forecasts, news, alerts, social media updates, or whatever types of info you want to see.

So basically, Push Ads delivers advertisements instead of weather, social media or other kinds of information.

How it works is pretty simple, visitors first must agree to receive push notifications from a website or app. then ads are sent to the user’s mobile phone or computer in a notification form, then when they click on the notification, they will be directed to a landing page or directly to the promoted offer, it’s up to you.

What is Affiliate Marketing with Paid Ads?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions from promoting other company’s products or services.

You can become an affiliate by signing up to that affiliate programs and you will get a special link that allows them (the seller) to track the people who clicked on your special link (affiliate link) and simply if they buy something (or complete some kind of action like signing up to a newsletter, or downloading something etc.), you earn a commission.

So affiliates can get paid in more ways, sometimes you don’T even have to sell anything, in some programs it’s enough to take some kind of action, like filling out a contact form or signing up for a specific website.

Affiliate marketing with paid ads basically mean you buy traffic from some kind of traffic source (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zeropark, Taboola, etc.) and send that traffic to the affiliate offer you promote.

To start affiliate marketing with paid ads you will not need an established website to get started, you can simply use a 1 page website (landing page) to send visitors to to pre-sell the user on the product you are promoting.

This method is the fastest possible way to get traffic to your affiliate offers, however you need some knowledge on how to run these ads on various platforms, how to optimise and things like that.

But the whole point of this strategy is to make more money from these affiliate programs then you spend on advertising.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Legitimate Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from promoting already popular products for example. Every merchant needs advertisers to grow their business and profit, so basically they need you.

And you don’t even have to create your own product which can be very complicated and time consuming, basically you are the middle man who makes the connection between the customer and the seller.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make good money, you can do it from home or anywhere you want, and you can even generate passive income while you sleep.

Why Spy Tools Are A Must In the Affiliate Marketers Toolbox

With Spy Tools you can easily spy on your competitors ads, you can see how they are running their campaigns, what landing pages they are using, what ads images, texts etc. and most importantly, what are their winner combinations.

So you can determine which ads, landers, offers are performing the best right now, and you can use this information to get an idea what you should run for yourself.

One of the most important things in Affiliate Marketing is to always start testing proven offers, and by proven I mean offers that are doing well for other affiliates.

And the easiest way to find proven offers is by using a spy tool, that’s why it’s extremely important!

How To Find Offers and Verticals That Are Making Money For Others through Spy Tools

As I mentioned above Spy Tools will make your job a lot easier, when it comes to finding proven verticals and offers.

My favorite Spy Tool is Adplexity. They offer spy tools for different traffic sources and verticals like Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, Ecommerce and more.

So for this guide we are going to use Adplexity PUSH.

By loading up Adplexity Push it will show you the most recent ads being launched on Push traffic sources.

In the left sidebar you can set different filters like Date, Device Type, Ad Category, Country, Connection, Traffic Source, Affiliate Network, etc.

You can start spying and looking for verticals just by firing up Adplexity and scrolling and see what others are running the most,

If you see something pop up multiple times while you are searching, that means it’s doing good, otherwise they would not run it.

For the best results set the date filter for the last 30 days

Then go to the top right corner and select ’’Received most traffic’’  by doing this it will sort the ads for you based on which ads received the most traffic in the last 30 days.

Then you can browse through the best performing ads based on receiving the most traffic, and see what pops up multiple times.

As I see right now, dating and sweepstakes are hot on push, so it would be a good idea to try to run those.

To see more details, like landing pages, geos, traffic sources and more, simple just click on the ads.

On this page you can see the ad image, ad text, the target Country, Device types, Connection type and the Landing page.

If you scroll down you can see even more data, like the top publishers, placements and traffic sources

To see the landing page click on the red ’show more’ button in the landing page section.

And click through the links in the redirect chain.

So here’s the Landing page in this example:

Then if you click through the landing page, you will be redirected to the offer.

So here’s the offer:

So this is how you can see the ads, landers and offers runned by other affiliates.

You can also download these landing pages and edit them to make them your own.

To download a landing page simple click on the ’’Download this landing page’’ button.

So when you find the vertical you want to run you can use the filters to find ads in that specific vertical. 

Let’s say we want to run Sweepstakes in the US.  

I can just go to the left sidebar, locate Ad Category and select Sweeps:

Then I set the Country filter to United States:

Or you can just simply type in specific keywords to the search box and search for ads that include you keyword in the landing page or in the ad text.

Then to find the best performing ones, use the 2 additional filters I showed you before, set the date filter to ’Last 30 Days’ and sort the ads by ’Received most traffic’.

How to Prepare Your own Image Ads and Angles and Landing Pages for Your Push Campaign

The best way to make your own Images and Angles is by looking at the current top performing campaigns in Adplexity Push.

Select the top 10 ads, make a note of the ad texts, and write your own ones based on those. If you find it hard, try to reword them or hire a writer to write very similar texts.

You can do the same thing with the images.

Find the best performers and create new images based on those.

The required image size from push creatives on Zeropark is 192×192 pixels.

So you can create a blank image in photoshop (or whatever you use) 

then create your own images from there.

Here’s an example:

When it comes to the Landing pages you can work with the same principle.

Locate the best performing landing pages in Adplexity, then you can easily download them. You can actually just ’’rip and run’’ if you want, however I don’t recommend doing that.

It’s always better to add your own twists to your landers.

So it’s better if you rip a few and use them as templates, then you can easily change the text and the images with a source code editor like Notepad++ or Sublime text.

But weter you just rip’n run or change things in the landers, keep in mind, there might be malicious codes and hidden scripts in those landing pages, designed by pro coders to steal your traffic. People usually call these scripts Clickjacking’ or Click stealers.

So if you don’t know how to spot these malicious scripts I highly recommend hiring someone to clean these landers for you.

I always clean my landing pages with and I highly recommend them!

How to Setup a Campaign on ZeroPark PUSH Traffic Source

Setting up and launching your campaign is actually the easiest part of the job.

To get started go to Zeropark, from the dashboard click on New campaign and select Push.

Next is selecting your campaign’s targeting type. First you should always start with a RON campaign which allows you to buy all the available traffic in the chosen Country, and later when you are optimizing, you can launch Target and Source campaigns based on the data you got from the RON campaign.

Next you need to name your campaign and choose the Country you want to target.

Next you set the Bid, Daily budget, device type you want to target (always create separate campaigns for each device you want to target) 

Then it’s time to upload the creatives and texts.

To add your creatives you can drag and drop all your creative at once, or you can click on browse and add them one by one.

Then you need to add the Title and Description and that’s it.

The maximum number of creatives you can use per campaign is 10.

Then finally you need to add your Destination URL (your tracking campaign URL)  and set up S2S postback for tracking purposes.

*You can always reach out to your rep at Zeropark if you need help with setting up the postbacks properly.

That’s it,  campaign created, now you just need to wait for the approval.

How to Analyze the Data & Kill The Bad and Leave The Good

When your campaign is approved and starts getting traffic, you should go to your tracking software immediately and check the tracking campaign report.

If everything was set correctly you should be able to see the data coming through the dynamic variables (creative id, source id, campaign id ect.)

In Redtrack you can check this by locating your campaign and clicking on the repost icon:

Then if you check the reports on the Sub IDs

You should be able to see the data coming through like this:

If you can’t see anything there (but you already see some clicks) then it means that something is wrong, so in that case pause your campaign and troubleshoot the problem because it’s crucial to be able to see the data you are buying.

Without it you won’t be able to optimise and make your campaigns profitable later.

So after a day or so when you have enough data you should start optimizing your campaign.

I always start with Landing pages and Creatives.

So click go to your campaign stats, click on ’Landing’

And as you can see I already have some significant data. One of my LPs got 20 conversions, the other one only 9.

So it clearly means that my first Landing page is better so I can stop the other one.

Next I do the same thing with creatives. 

Check the data on your creatives and cut the ones that are significantly worse then the others. Only keep the ones that perform best.

*TIP: Creatives burn out pretty quickly on push traffic, so I suggest checking and optimizing your creatives every day. When you cut some, always add a few more that are very similar to the best performing ones.

Next we need to focus on optimising the placements.

Since we are running a RON campaign, we are buying all the available traffic in all available placements. 

Some placements are doing good and some are horrible, that’s why it’s super important to get rid of the bad ones that are eating up your money as soon as possible.

You should start with killing the bad placements that spend 1-2X the offer payout and not getting any Conversions.

You need to do this regularly until you left with the best placements for your campaign.

How to Scale The Winning Combinations

A great way to start scaling your winning combinations is by launching separate campaigns with the best placements, ads and lander combinations.

So we are going to launch another campaign, but this time instead of choosing RON at the beginning, we are going to go with ’Target’.

This way we can upload the top performing sources (targets) from our RON campaign and run ads only on those sources.

The easiest way to do this is by exporting your data from Redtrack, then copy paste the best ones.

To do this go back to Redtrack, click on your campaigns report icon, select ’Target id’ in the Subs menu, then click on ’Export’

Then go back to Zeropark, set up your campaign the same way as you did before, and at the end it will ask you to add the Target IDs.

You just need to copy the best targets from the CSV file you exported and paste them here, and that’s it.

You can also scale by playing with the bids, and with the daily budget. You can raise them carefully and see if they become more profitable or not. 

Also you can scale your winning campaign to other traffic sources as well.

So grab the same ads, creatives, landers and launch new campaigns on different traffic sources if you want to scale even further.

About the Author:

This super mega post was written by Attila O’dree of To learn more about how to make money online and scaling your business to the next level, be sure to check out his blog and his book “From Zero to Super Affiliate“, available on Amazon.

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