Putting ClickBooth CPC to the Test

Last month I did a write up on the new ClickBooth CPC program, an ad platform based on serving advertisements on your web site or blog, and paying on a cpc basis. You can read the full post here. I also mentioned that I would be running their ads on a few sites to see how they perform. It’s been around ten days, so let’s take a look at the numbers.

First let’s take a look at how ClickBooth CPC performed on a decent sized entertainment web site. Keep in mind the banner was not in a prominent location and the majority of users are coming to the site for celebrity pictures, videos and game content.

Lots of impressions were served, but not many clicks were recevied. I’m not that surprised, as the banner wasn’t right in the users face and due to the offers available through ClickBooth CPC, not many of these ads were relevant at all to the entertainment niche. Take away here is… 16 clicks, $2.25 in revenue, which comes out to .14 per click. Not that great of a test, but that’s why we test! I think these numbers would be much better if the ad copy and advertisers were more relevant to the content. It would also be nice to see which advertisements were being clicks and where the cpc earnings were from.

Next let’s take a look at the ClickBooth CPC ads served on ZacJohnson.com. One unit was placed in the actual “ClickBooth CPC Review Post”, while the other was served on the right sidebar, which the user needed to scroll down to see.

Much better results than on the entertainment test above, and roughly a .55 ecpm average. This test campaign obviously performed better because the banner was right in the users face and a bit more relevant since it’s a business blog, with “biz / make money” related ads being served by CB CPC. 50 clicks, $6.52 revenue, with a .13 average.

Lastly we have the results from the sidebar ad placement. Actually slightly better than I expected, as the user had to scroll down a decent amount to see this ad spot. 38 clicks, $6.93 revenue, with a .18 cpc average.

It’s always good to run test cases for new advertising platforms. In this situation, I don’t think I would stick with these banner placements because I can sell advertising directly at a much higher rate, then trying to push CPA related offers to a targeted audience. Also take into consideration that I gave the CB CPC ad placements very poor position and did not try to monetize at all, as this was a quick test run.

The ClickBooth CPC platform is still new, and as new features and advertisers are added into the system, I know it could perform much better. Right now the mix of ad copy is just to scattered and the ability to add/remove offers isn’t available. If you had stats to show that the majority of your traffic is clicking 1 out of the 3 ad spots being shown, wouldn’t it be that much more beneficial to only serve ads for that individual offer? It would also make for a great case study to compare ClickBooth CPC against the same offers on ClickBooth as CPA offers with your own selection of offers and ad copy.

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    1. The numbers were quite low, and almost made me re-think about even writing this post. However, I said I was going to give the program and run and post some test results… and they came out how they came out. Any blog or web site that has targeted traffic and heavily branded, direct advertising is where it's at.

      1. Yes I agree that these earnings are much too low. Then again, it does depend on the niche and website. What works for one website might not work as well for another. Personally I don't bother with CPC anymore as the earnings are just too low.

  1. Hey Zac,

    I will let you test the waters in their CPC because I strongly feel that they will run into major click fraud issues just like Google first did when Adsense first came out. I think that it is only going to be magnified by 10 because we are strictly dealing with affiliate marketers, and many affiliates don't pursue ethical marketing tactics.
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  2. I believe that much of the APC networks begin to have more offers of CPC as many publishers as an employer and are tired of using Adsense.

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