Quick Tip on Improving Your Earnings

The other day I wrote about how AuctionAds had a killer month for me during June. In addition to a new high with AuctionAds, NeverBlueAds was also a big earner for me. Its still only been a couple months since I started using them again, but I am glad I have. For the most part, overall traffic has been consistent and I’ve been running the same offers. Why I have I seen the increase in AuctionAds and NeverBlueAds? Monetization of course! You would be surprised how much of a difference some simple wording or placement changes can make. If you are flat lining on your numbers and usually making the same amount per month, try something different. Sometimes you just don’t feel like working or on ad copy or site changes… as it can be very tedious and boring. Trust me, I know how much fun it can be to be lazy and enjoy what you are continually earning, but some tweaking might earn you an extra 10-30% per month!

Here a quick tip on how you might be able to increase your overall earnings:

Think about it… how many times do you actually click on a banner? You see the banner (especially those annoying game ones), but most of the time you don’t actually click them. Not to mention, when someone sees a banner, they almost automatically associate it to being an "advertisement" and not interested. Try removing your banners and throw some content links in there! Text links are great for promoting offers and while you’re at it, spice it up with multiple text colors. Setup some SUB-IDs and see what colors are pulling the best clicks. BLUE usually pulls the most clicks, as that’s the universal color known as being a link. 🙂

Try it out… see how much you might be missing out.

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    1. Like Steve says below, I run a network of web site's and John Chow's figures are based off his blog. He's one of the leaders for blog earnings… next month I'll start working on monetizing this blog and will keep you updated in the process.

  1. Zac has network of sites. John Chow only show the numbers for his blog. Anyway, it's nice to see someone making money with affiliates.

    Zac, nice tip. Btw, I removed my game banners from my blog this morning before I saw your post 😉

    I may try the text thing if it's possible(mostly java code)

  2. Sometimes changes is good, as said only thing constant is change.


  3. Thanks for the tips, Zac. Just curious, do you use Email marketing to generate affiliate earnings as well?

  4. if a template is not blue oriented do you think it should still be blue? or it should match your template design? just curisosity for the others that have dark themses or light themese

  5. Some great advice in the post.

    I find that making my context ad links the same as the links throughout my site people will just click on them as if they were internal links.

  6. hi,

    i have sighed it just now and dont have idea whether it works out in india,how much they pay per click[ppc].please let me know details.just see my account is approved.


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