Quick Tips for Increased Landing Page Conversions

No matter what method you are using to drive leads to your ad campaigns or business, it’s all about the landing page. All too often advertisers, affiliates and online businesses will throw up one landing page and hope for the best. The truth is that your landing page is the gateway to your business and it’s future success. Landing pages can be continually tweaked for max performance and catered to any audience and demographic. Below are some of the most important aspects and simple ways to change your landing pages to increase conversions and max performance.

Your Headline is the Life Source of Your Page

If you have a crappy headline on your landing page, then you’ve already lost the visitor before they even started. Just take a look at sites like UpWorthy.com and some of the creative headlines they are using to get people to click. Even if you aren’t interested in the topic they still make you want to click! Using these same types of keywords and triggering emotions is a great way to engage with your target audience.

Reference: CrazyEgg not only has a great service for heat map tracking, but their headline pulls you in right away. CrazyEgg Headline

Create a Call to Action that Works

The best way to get someone to take immediate results once they hit your landing page is to tell them exactly what to do. The practice of “KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid” is one that many online marketers follow strictly when it comes to creating their landing pages. Sometimes the most simple and ugly landing page designs work best.

Reference: FluidSurveys has a great landing pages with a form right in your face when you get to their site.


Add User Reviews & Testimonials

Statistics show that online reviews and testimonials (no matter where they are listed, or who they are from) heavily increase conversions in the sign up and buying process. If you aren’t currently using customer reviews, pictures and testimonials on your landing pages, now is the time to test it out!

Reference: Neil Patel has huge industry names through out his blog recommending his services.

QuickSprout Testimonials

Colors Trigger Different Emotions

Have you ever thought about why different companies have different colors for their logos? The answer is simple… different colors trigger different emotions and also sway users to click, take action or lose interest in your page. Play around with different colors on your landing pages to see what grabs the attention of your audience and makes them click.

Reference: See how Justin improved his conversions with these simple button split tests.

Button Split Test

Remove the Annoying Garbage

It’s always important to remember that your landing page is a “landing page”! Stay away from distractions on your landing pages, such as unnecessary headers, navigation bars, menus or other areas that might make the site visitor sway away from the end goal of making them take immediate action.

Reference: Wix is one of the largest sites on the internet and they make their sign up process dead simple.

Wix Landing Page

It’s All About the Split Testing!

How long have you been using the same colors and text on your landing pages? The difference between a red button and a green button can mean a huge swing in conversions for your landing pages. The same can be said for a quick 30 second video versus images and paragraphs of text.

Reference: Split testing your landing pages and conversions is way too easily thanks to applications and programs such as LeadPages.

LeadPages Conversion Testing

Landing Pages & Split Testing is a Numbers Game

At the end of the day it’s all just a numbers game. The more traffic and conversions you are pushing through your ad campaigns, the more significant a very small percentage in performance can make.

For example, if you are currently pushing 100,000 views to your landing page per month and getting a 1.5% click through rate, you are looking at 1,500 clicks. If you can increase your click rate by just a half of a percent, you are looking at 500 more clicks at no additional cost. Imagine what is possible if you continue to tweak your landing pages to their full potential?

Don’t sit around and be happy with your current conversions and landing pages… you can always do better.

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  1. Hi Zac,

    Smart! Testimonials count a bunch. We dig word of mouth marketing. If your team or clients vouch for you others are likely to buy in, and sign up for your offering. Smart stuff again, thanks Zac!

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  3. Hey Zac,

    Great post! CRO is huge right now (and much like SEO), full of BS advice.
    So it’s good to hear from advice from someone that’s been in the IM game as long as you have. I especially like the UpWorthy idea. They’re crushing it with their headlines so there’s obviously a lot to learn from what they’re doing over there.

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