Quick Tips to Improving Your Landing Page – Part 2

In the previous “Quick Tips to Improving Your Landing Page”, I covered the topics of less navigation, keeping it simple, monetizing your forms, info requests and to keep testing. Here are a few more ideas and examples on how you can improve your landing pages for pay per click campaigns or whatever type of marketing to you are aiming at.

Depending on the type of landing page you have, this may or may not be effective. If you have a landing page with a straight form that sends the data to another advertiser, this isn’t important. However, if you have a built content site and is full of content pages, you can heavily benefit from adding a big subscribe box right at the top of your landing page. Unfortunately, the average visitor to your web site will only stay for a few seconds and leave, probably to never return again. If you are able to offer to something in exchange for their email, you can stay in contact with them as long as they are a subscriber. Don’t lose your site visitors, try to keep them for the long haul.
– Aweber is the most preferred source for auto responders and newsletters.

If you are creating a landing page to bring users from search engines to your landing page, then sending the traffic to your advertiser page, you should try and keep them consistent in the look and feel. By doing this, you will give the user the feeling that they are still at the same web site and not being let into a form process or confuse them with completely different looking sites.

A lot of people have been making money the Zwinkies and Webfetti offers on NeverBlueAds. There have been a ton of landing pages created for this campaign, but the ones that perform best are the ones that match towards it’s content and keep the same look and feel. Below is a comparison between a page created by a marketer, then the page they are sending their traffic to, which they will earn commissions on. Notice how they have the same color and image setup. I have seen much better examples, this is just the one I decided to use.

User Generated Landing Page vs. Offer Landing Page = Same Look

Did you know “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.” (source: CopyBlogger) Depending on what your headline says, it can heavily change your conversions. Always remember, your headline make or break your campaign results. A proven example is “Discover the Secrets of Making Money Online” vs. “Learn the Secrets of Making Money Online!“. When you use the word “learn” you are telling the user they will have to put forth some effort, with “discover” they are simply finding the information or process. Test and play with your headline and you can see some big shifts in conversion rates.

If you have a landing page which is trying to sell a service or product to users, give real life examples and testimonials. I wrote in the past how consumers prefer choice and security when buying online. When offering testimonials on your site, you also giving your user some incentive and meaning of quality behind whatever you are trying to promote to them. If you aren’t currently using testimonials, setup a new landing page with them and see how it performs.

After you have created your landing page, the first thing you will want to do is go live with the campaign. Before doing so, you should send your landing page to a bunch of different people, marketing friends (whom you trust), family and other daily web users. What may seem like a good place for a submit button or click here link to some, may not be seen by others. Everyone looks at things differently, so get a general feel for where your web site is going and how they will react once they get to your landing page.

There are still plenty of quick tips that can be used to help improve landing page conversions. Feel free to comment with any suggestions and I will also follow up with more of my own.

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  1. good tips but I don't know about showing my landing pages to other marketers before I launch the offer. I would rather just loose some money testing then share that type of information.

  2. Testing your posts and pages at least two times is mandatory. A single mistake can challenge your professionalism. I agree that landing page look should be same as the website. It should not look like an Eskimo in the desert. 🙂

  3. I need to be more cautious and test more. I jumped into wp 2.5 before checking out my plugins and now I am having to fix things. I agree that resting out your landing page is critical.

    Thanks Zac

  4. Good tips. You simple MUST test because if you don't you have no idea what is working and what isn't. I have actually seen people make their landing pages worse because they weren't testing and thought they would make it better but it had the opposite effect.

    So good tips 🙂


  5. Wonderful tips, especially the tip where you said, "Keep the same look and feel." I've visited many landing pages and when I click on a link and takes me to another web page totally different from the one I was on, it throws me for a loop. The result: I usually click away.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with keeping the same feel and colors of your one landing pages with the offer you are running, it does make a huge difference.

    Some great tips there!

  7. Landing page is just as important as sales page… you gotta get them to stay and want to know more!

  8. It's amazing how small tweaks to a landing page can make such a huge difference.

    Do you make landing pages from scratch or is there some software out there that can make the process easier?

  9. New idea for me, doing some more digging to make sure I understand the concept.

    Call me blog 1.1, still picking up the pieces to get to the next level.

  10. Thanks for these tips, i can use them for my clients now, this is very step by step and really takes you through the whole process, thanks 🙂

  11. Good tips, How can anyone survive on the internet today without testing, I don't want to take the chance they might like it.

    I think keeping your landing page the same theme as your website is just a part of branding yourself.



  12. It’s amazing how small tweaks to a landing page can make such a huge change. I think testing your posts and pages at least two times is mandatory. A single mistake can challenge your professionalism. Great post!

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