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As much as we would all like to be the Jack of All Trades, it just can’t happen. When running a business online this can be anything from blogging, to creating ad campaigns and managing SEO. Each of these tasks are completely different and continuously changing over time. Fortunately there are solutions out there for each. Just like WordPress keeps us updated on the latest changes in blogging, software can also keep us up to date on the latest changes and improvements to SEO and our web sites, while also tracking our progress.

There is always an ongoing debate about SEO and what really drives search results, but in the end we know it really comes down to backlinks and building content and structuring web sites correctly. Through the use of SEO PowerSuite, you can take all of the complications and tedious time out of SEO management, and use it’s powerful tools that provide you with all of the winning components to rank higher in the search engines. Most SEO software is just one application, but SEO PowerSuite is actually four different programs, each supplying you with a particular set of utilities and information.

A Powerful Suite of SEO Power Tools

Getting your site to rank in the top of the search engines isn’t simply about getting backlinks, and if you approach it the wrong way, you could end up causing more harm than good. SEO PowerSuite is an excellent tool because it breaks down the SEO building process for you, and walks you through the process.

The four different tools that make up SEO PowerSuite, each focus on a different area. The first is the Rank Tracker, which suggests the profitable keywords you should be targeting within your niche. The tool also tracks web site rankings, creates web ranking reports and more.

WebSite Auditor is the second tool on the list, which scans the structure of a web site, along with it’s content. After analyzing a web site, you will then be provided with further advice and optimization for the site.

Third is the SEO SpyGlass, which checks backlinks to a given web site and also provides information on each, such as the authority, PageRank and location of the web site.

The last tool in the SEO PowerSuite is the LinkAssistant, which gives you the ability to better manage your link building campaigns.

Let’s have a brief look at how these four tools work together to help you rank for your target keywords and keyword phrases.

Track Search Result Listings with Rank Tracker

Using the Rank Tracker, you can get suggestions for what keywords to target (based on your initial keyword choices) and then you can track how you are doing with those keywords across a number of metrics.

As an example, I took a look at how one of my writers at BloggingTips.com, was ranking for freelance-related keywords. As you can see in the results above, their site ranks well on Google for “freelance writer” and “freelance writing.” These stats are based on the actual ranking at the time of the search. One of the features in this tool is to track your rankings and changes over time.

After your initial keyword search, the next question is… how can you improve these rankings?

Improve Site Performance with WebSite Auditor

Now that we played around with the Rank Tracker, we can move onto the next tool. Using the WebSite Auditor, we can get an analysis of how a website is currently performing for on-page search engine optimization. The WebSite Audior will help you fine-tune your site’s content and structure for the search engines of your choice. It allows you quickly spot and fix such structural problems as broken link, coding errors, and many others.

At the end, it will generate an A-Z report that goes through all of these different on-page SEO characteristics, as well as information related to the top competition for your keywords. You will also be supplied with a series of useful suggestions on how you can help your rankings, such keyword density and placement and ways to improve loading times and site tags. Having the program lay out all of the areas for improvement and what steps to make, is what makes this a great tool for all site owners and marketers.

Further Improvements with SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant

In the brakedown above we walked through the Rank Tracker and WebSite Auditor tools in the SEO PowerSuite. As a registered user, you’ll also have access to SEO SpyGlass, which is a cool feature for peeking into competitors’ secret link building strategies and LinkAssistant for building up your backlinks.

There are currently three different versions of SEO PowerSuite available, all of which are subsequently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you would like to download the free trial version of SEO PowerSuite, you can access each of the tools mentioned above, but with limited usage and features.

To get started with the full version and all features, the cost is $249. There is also a top of the line version, which is the Enterprise license at $599, which adds such higher-end features as exporting data, publishing reports to the web, and emailing reports to clients.

SEO PowerSuite

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  1. Seo is complex as it is, so if you can gain an advantage one way or another then I say go for it. Give a software like this a try.

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"
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  2. Thanks for sharing these very useful tools with these we can up the rank of our website in search engine and also we can expend our business, if we look it can be very helpful for us for the purpose of online marketing, which could be give to us better result.
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  3. When I stumbled upon SEO SpyGlass, I hopped on it… I was in for some education… At that time I was sitting at page 6 in Google for my niche keyword. After SEO Spy showed me the efforts my competitors were using… I can't really get into specifics…. but let's just say I found something that my competitors had left out… and used it to advantage.
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  4. I think a software like this is what new bloggers like me need. Though it's a bit expensive but it's worth it's cost. Thanks for sharing this.
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  5. I use Rank Tracker and it works pretty well. The other software in the suite aren't that great though. They're ok, but not super.
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  6. Hey, Zac,
    I didn't know that SEO Power Suite comes with practically four programs included. I think I like best the Rank Tracker, although each feature has its own advantages and is useful overall, especially when combined together into one powerful result. The Link Assistant can manage link building campaigns and that is what can really be of utmost importance for some bloggers to decide purchasing this SEO Power Suite version.
    However, I don't know what to say about the price…it's not cheap, but then again, it seems it offers much more than other similar versions are able to do.
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  7. Thank you Zac for this insightful article. This is the kind of software that will help a lot of bloggers – but we must remember that finally content is king. Make good quality, original and useful content – and you will get a high ranking over time.

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