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During my first testing of the new Review Me Marketplace, I had setup a campaign for ten reviews at the rate of $10 each. I am now almost halfway through my second campaign, currently running in the Review Me Marketplace. This time I changed around my blog review description and also increased the amount of reviews to 15 and set the price at $11 per review. So far the reviews in this set have been quite decent. Review Me has made the functionality now to accept blogs based on language, so I won’t have to worry about non-English blogs this time around.

While in the Review Me admin area, I was looking over my latest campaign and how many reviews have been written before. I noticed Review Me added a "Rate" column to the reviews done through the Review Me Marketplace. This is something I had been looking for, and was mentioned in my "Review Me Blogs" post. I’ll make sure to go through and place a rating for each review.

While this is great for the Marketplace reviews, I think it is really necessary for the main Review Me interface as well. Right now you pick and choose which blogs you want to review your site, for their set review price, but nothing is setup to "Rate" the reviewer/blogger. Unfortunately it’s happened a few times now that a $10 review has offered much more quality than a $150 review… and this just isn’t right. Unless you visit the blogs site and are able to find their review posts, there is no way to see the quality of their reviews.

It’s been a month now since I started testing with Review Me and I have spent over $1,500 on review orders from Review Me’s directory. In the end, I feel there were only a few blog reviewers worthy of what they were paid for their services. At this point I think it would be best to with only setup campaigns through the Review Me Marketplace. I would also rather focus on my own "Review Me & Make Money" promotion, and reward my reviewers directly with link backs and cash prizes.

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  1. Yes, that is a good feature to sift good reviewers from the not-so-serious one. It should be very handy for advertisers for sure, as well as for the lesser known bloggers.

  2. Hey Zac… in that case do u mind depositing 50$ in my paypal account for the ‘honest’ review i made for your site? 😉

  3. although i havent been approved for ReviewMe yet..ic an see the value of the 'Rate Review Me Reviews' feature as outlined by your post. It always helps to know which reviewers are serious about reviewing and not just the cash !!

  4. Hello… I may well be your last ReviewMe reviewer, then – hope I didn’t screw it up. It’s live as of today.
    All the best.

  5. Nice post! Thanks for keeping us updated, I’ve always been interested about the Review Me marketplace.

  6. Well as I’ve mentioned on previous comments I would definitely be interested in reviewing your blog 🙂

    Looking to participate in your review me linkback competition as well 🙂

  7. I saw the new rating feature and even emailed them about adding this a few weeks ago. I guest I was not the only one demanding that feature. I rated one but did not see the result and where the comment was displayed. Maybe, they just collecting data for now.

    I'm still waiting on the end of my 2 campaign before posting my results.

    In the meantime, I started something different and instead of giving a few dollars, I made it a contest and gave much more.

    I guest trial and error is the game in the blog world . 😀

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