RegisterFly Sucks

Written by Zac Johnson
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Your domain is a very important part of your business… heck, it is your business! Without your domain you don’t have a site! Imagine if you suddenly lost your domain? What would you do? Well, this scenario is probably all too familiar for anyone that has used RegisterFly. At one point they were my main registrar for my domain portfolio, where I had up to 120+ domains at one point. I first signed up to RegisterFly a few years ago. In the beginning all was well, but then they went to hell. They basically have no more customer support, they will not renew domains, they will not help you in any domain transfer or even acknowledge you as a member… but I’m sure they will still gladly take your money!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, but wanted to try and pull away all of my existing domains with RegisterFly before doing so. Let’s first take a look at their customer support section. Here you are supposed to setup "support tickets" with any questions or problems you may have with your account. I just logged into today and saw that my last two tickets were changed to "closed"… yet they were never even answered. As you can see there are several other support tickets as well… they were also unanswered and I unfortunately lost a couple domains because of them. I especially like the section that states, "Normally support issues are handled within 2-3 hours"… a complete comedy and it usually took days… or would simply just remain unanswered.

The last domain that I had to pull from RegisterFly was an important one and I was desperately working with GoDaddy and eNom to have either of them pick the domain up anyway possible. GoDaddy was able to do so, and I praise them for it. When I logged into my RegisterFly account today to pull more information for this post, I also noticed a new update to in the "Customer Service Center". A screenshot from the customer service center is shown below, along with the notice that was on the following page.

TITLE: Arranges for bulk transfer of names under its accreditation.

DATE: 5/30/2007

NOTICE: Registerfly arranges for bulk transfer of names under its accreditation to This only affects domain names listed under, inc. accreditation. Registerfly became operational as an accredited registrar in late January 2006 if you have purchased a name or transferred a name after that date your name may be included in the bulk transfer to Godaddy. To learn more about the bulk transfer please refer to

If your name was purchased prior when we acted as a reseller for multiple registrars this will not be included in this bulk transfer and we will continue to support and you can manage these names via the interface located at

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the support system.

Robert O’ Neill
Operations Manager

Looks like RegisterFly is getting enough complaints to actually do something for their customers. (By the way… good luck trying to conact them through their support system!) RegisterFly had recently become their own registrar and was no longer a reseller of domain registration to other networks. Everyone on RegisterFly has had problems and the other domain registrars were also well aware. Even GoDaddy and some of the other networks were running promotions specifically targeted towards unhappy RegisterFly customers. You can do a simply google search for "RegisterFly Sucks" and you’ll see over 27,900 pages come up. Just type in "RegisterFly" into the search and the adwords advertisers are well aware of the frustration on RegisterFly customers.

For a while GoDaddy was a big boaster of getting RegisterFly users to move over and had a special promotion on their site. I went to the site just now, planning to show you the ad copy, but they have already adjusted to the new transfer flow of RegisterFly users onto their network. Right on the main page at the top it shows "Welcome RegisterFly Users! Your domains are safe with us."… Never did I think I would see "RegisterFly" and "Safe" used together and actually believe it! I have been using GoDaddy for a while now and have no complaints with them, they actually call you weeks before a domain is expiring, so you can renew! RegisterFly customers will think they died and gone to heaven with the new support offered by GoDaddy. (eNom has also been a great help during the domain process and I highly recommend them as well!)

In the end, after months and month of stresss and the loss of a few domains, I now have my remaining domains safe and secure with GoDaddy and eNom. (GoDaddy even has an affiliate program through Commission Junction if you want to promote their service and make some money.) Domains are precious and if lost can turn a company from making millions per day, to nothing the next. Make sure you track and renew all of your domains cautiously and keep them with a well known host. As for the future of RegisterFly?… it will be hard for them to re-brand themselves as a reliable company with such a horrid reputation from past customers.

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7 Replies to “RegisterFly Sucks”

  1. registerfly sucks! i had to move all my domains out of there as soon as i could when i found out the crap that was going on over there.

    other domain companies even have special discounts for registerfly customers that want to move.

  2. I've been buying domains through godaddy from the beginning and never had any issues with them. Sounds like Registerfly is a real pain. I hope you are able to get all your domains off there service.

  3. Even though I have heard some 'bad' things about GoDaddy before I started blogging and buying domains I still went with them. I haven't had a single problem with them at all and I would recommend them to anyone. I haven't tried any other services or ones that sell domains for cheaper, but if anyone has any suggestions about other registrars please let me know. Zac how do you like eNom?

    1. GoDaddy is great, but so is eNom. They helped a lot with getting a bunch of my domains from RegisterFly as well. They have a great simple admin area.

  4. RegsiterFly is one of the bad registrars to avoid and this has also been discussed and brought up in popular webmaster forums like DgitalPoint.. I have never seen a positive review from their customers that I now of…

  5. That must be frustrating loose your domain just like that. Yeah some companies suck bad. Like My site appeared offline for about 3 hours for no reason.

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