How to Remove Site Distractions and Increase Conversions

It’s an obvious concept. Get a visitor to your web site and have them take action. What may seem like a simple task, is anything but for many sites. The majority of designers and product creators out there always want to put as much information and options in the face of customers as possible. Instead of offering the world, just go direct and for the sale. One of the best ways to convert potential customers into buyers, is by limiting their options and focusing strictly on the sale or specific action.

Studies have shown that when sites have less options and distractions, visitors will be more direct in their original reason for visiting the site, and less likely to leave. More options leave the user with confusion and loss of focus. I’ve also seen some great case studies in the past when a site walks a user through the shopping cart process in steps, with nothing but the order form in view, and this heavily increased conversions and the possibility of upsell.

For example, let’s take a look at two huge competitors at the top of their niche markets. NetFlix vs. Blockbuster. We all know NetFlix is killing Blockbuster’s sales and business, but they are also killing them in landing page efforts. Sure, NetFlix is 100% online based, but BlockBuster is missing out on what should be their bread and butter… which is getting new users to join their monthly billing program. Take a look at each of the screen shots below and see which is more focus driven for you.

NetFlix drives home their efforts to get you to sign up for a free month trial to their movie plan. BlockBuster has things plastered all over the place… not to mention how the video listings on the bottom can easily side track users and send them off to other content pages which most likely drop conversions and result in converting potential buyers to “just browsing” visitors.

NetFlix vs. Blockbuster is just one example. The same holds true for many offer and landing pages being offered across affiliate networks. I wrote a post a few months back called “Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages“. In the post I went into detail on how one landing page had a sign up form and another didn’t, which can drastically affect conversions.

The bottom line is, test different landing pages and don’t be afraid to completely change your design and action process. All content or links from your landing pages that aren’t resulting (or helping) in the site user signing up or taking action should be removed, or at the least listed before the fold if needed.

With a mindset of increased conversions and less distractions, see how you can improve your own landing pages or sites. Continually testing and putting these simple changes in effect, you will be sure to see increased conversions.

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  1. I agree that a small amount of focused information will definitely lead to a higher conversion rate, especially where there is an easily accessed sign up form that even offers the first month free.

    Too much information definitely throws me off. Its just human nature and how we process the information we see.

    If its possible to fit the right information that leads to action above the fold that would be better. Rather than having a sales page that scrolls on forever with a million testimonials and reasons to buy the product.

    Nice article, it certainly helps with my overall outlook on landing pages.

  2. Fabulous post, Zac. Great reminder to test, test, test and stay focused on the page goal at hand. The Netflix / Blockbuster example really drives the point home.

  3. Hey Zac,

    Wow! It's like you have taken the words out of my mouth. I have been planning a blog post very similar to this but aimed at bloggers – about the positioning of website components and just how important a task that can be (I'm sure you will agree).

    The bit about testing – I couldn't agree more, I am always changing my blog around and studying the analytics to see how long people are staying on my site and what they are clicking.

    A great post with a great example – no wonder Blockbuster are apparently struggling! :S

    Certainly leaves me with things to think about 🙂

    Luke Etheridge

    1. Heat maps are awesome for testing. I was going to include it in this article, but it would have been a whole section on itself. The mindset of a user when they visit a web site is quite amazing.

  4. Zac,

    Powerful reminder. This is something I'm working on especially for my affiliate site(s).

    Need a clear call to action. Love the examples you gave, as seeing is understanding 😉

  5. Zac,

    Great post here. Sometimes the most simple rules of design and advertising are overlooked by even the largest corporations. You need to think about what is the most important information and what you want your viewers to look at first and foremost. If the main goal of your landing page is to get more subscribers, then obviously that should standout the most. Testing and analyzing different layouts is key.

    Great tips here!

    -Michelle Pappas, Marketing Manager, Tatto Media

  6. Hi Zac,

    can you write a post about Heat maps are you using Crazy egg for that also hows your ebay (BAN) website going for you after the new ebay changes.

    getting paid per quility click is a lot better I think. I am making around 2-3 dollars per day at 12-14 cents per click.

  7. great post, it is important to mainly focus in one area rather than lead the viewer into unecessary stuffs

  8. This is a lesson I learnt the hard way. I spent months of work trying to get trafffic to my site, only to find that they weren't converting at all. It was only once I sat down with a few people who'd actually made it through that they told me how much trouble they'd had finding what they were supposed to convert to!

    And guess what? As soon as I reformatted the sire, my conversions went through the roof… Funny that…


  9. Great post! I agree with not having too many distractions on your site.

    I just launched my first product and it's doing well, so I haven't given much thought to testing different landing pages, but it's something I should be doing.

    Thanks for bring that to my attention!.


  10. A good positive attitude will go far in assisting you in getting to your goal. Looking forward to reviewing your stats this season.

  11. Good article, enjoyed reading and learning about the landing pages was a thing i was did not know

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