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Last year I ordered over 500 MoneyReign shirts (my company name). Even after giving a bunch of them away through the blog in various contests, I still have a decent amount left. I thought it would be a creative and rewarding to give away more just for some feedback from readers. This blog was created to help others start making money online, find new resources and help even help more advanced affiliates with new methods, campaign stats and industry news. With as many posts as I have written (now over 500), there’s still plenty more to be said, and I want to hear what you’d like to see more of.

Shawn Collins, Ruck, ShoeMoney and John Chow sporting their MoneyReign Shirts.

Simply visit the contact page, and send over an email with your idea for a future blog post topic. If used, you’ll receive a free MoneyReign shirt in the mail. Be sure to include your mailing address and shirt size with all requests. Please try and keep all ideas to affiliate/internet marketing and nothing too basic. (The more informative and original, the more likely to be posted)

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  1. How about an article discussing how to monetize your first blog. Starting in the blog planning stage through design to launch and after it goes live.

  2. @Crazy Oldie:

    Bro, just try to get one of those strippers to toss you a shirt instead of a poster as they always do. But then again it's a recession, the strip clubs have gotten stingy with their free giveaways. I guess Zac is still a good source for free stuff πŸ™‚


    <abbr>Robby G’s last blog post..Cheater’s Mentality</abbr>

  3. Hey there Zac, i dropped you a msg regarding my topic and address but left out the t-shirt size, can you please add "XL" to that.

    Much appreciated!! πŸ™‚

    <abbr>Dino’s last blog post..Rihana Nude Photos Leaked!</abbr>

  4. It would be really cool to have one of your t-shirts! πŸ™‚

    I surely do hope my title gets chosen!

    DinoÒ€ℒs last blog post..Rihana Nude Photos Leaked!

  5. I am really very crazy about t-shirts. Its really best opportunity for getting free t-shirt.

  6. Hmm.. interesting.. i'll give it a shot asap.. thanks for the opp zac! πŸ˜€

  7. Sounds like a great idea to overcome writers block!

    Will you deliver to India?

    <abbr>Cashmere Lashkari’s last blog post..Shashi Deshpande – Collected Book Reviews</abbr>

  8. Definitely a way to get some really cool and unique content, whilst ridding yourself of your surplus T-Shirts. I like the way your mind works Zac!

    Looking forward to seeing what comes of this, I can't wait!

  9. Wow sure do like your site Zac. I sure would love to have one of your free T-Shirts. I go to a lot of sites where they would say Free T-Shirts and have not received a one yet. Nit sure if you are really going to do this too, but will try. On the pens you have well we always need pens, Right! So I guess I will post my address too below to see if I receive a Free T-Shiet from you.You have a good one Zac.Oh! I wear a Large shirt.

    Cynthia C.

    P.O. Box 154

    Libertytown,Md 21762

  10. Cool T-shirt…I am just thinking of a good topic…will get back to you soon…

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