Resorts Casino Sucks

As mentioned earlier, I love casinos and gambling and visit Atlantic City often. I have been playing at the Borgata since they opened a few years ago and avoid most of the other casinos along the boardwalk. At the Borgata you don’t have to deal with the walk-in crowd that come off the boardwalk and it’s a much nice atmosphere. On June 6th, Reena and I went down to Borgata for the night and went decided to stop by the casinos on the boardwalk the next day. We just happened to stop and the Resorts Casino and played there for a bit. It was my first time there so I decided to get a players card for the time I was to play there. A few hours passed and I had accrued over $550 in comp dollars from my game play. I was playing my usual betting, but a $1500 bet on RED (Roulette), probably helped a bit. New to this casino, I went over to the players card area to talk to someone about what I could do with my comps. I met with a very informed member there that insisted I get my own casino host, since my game play was so high. In addition to having over $550 in comps, I had went from a Red Player card (that everyone gets), to an ULTRA Players Card (passing right past their 2nd tier ELITE card). So within a few hours of game play I already had their highest players card. The players card attendant told me I would be able to use my comps in one of their Destination Rewards gift stores, or also in any of the Atlantic City outlet stores, which are pretty high class. I was also assigned a casino host, which I talked to over the phone since he had already left the casino. In the end, we listed to the woman at the Players Club area and saved the comps for our next visit, and I would talk to my casino host to setup our next trip to the casino. I always wondered why anyone would go to these old crappy casinos on the boardwalk over the Borgata… after receiving over $500 in comps in my first visit I soon found out why. The woman in the Players Rewards area also stressed how much of a rewarding casino they are high rollers and how much they offer.

Over the next two weeks Reena had been extremely sick with strep throat and various high fevers and being nauseous. We were both excited and looking forward to our next trip to Resorts, since we had a nice amount of comps waiting for us. I also promised Reena I would get her a nice Coach purse from the outlet stores with our comps. I called up my casino host on June 20th and asked for two nights stay for Friday and Saturday. The Sopranos cast was to be at Resorts for promotional pictures and a meet and greet with special guest. My casino host also offered this option to me earlier in the week, but when I called to make reservations, he said it was now full… and they were almost full on rooms. He called me back a few hours later and confirmed the rooms, but nothing on the Sopranos.

Friday came and we finally were at the Resorts Casino. Before arriving, I called my host and told him we were almost there. He said to meet him in the VIP Lounge check in room. He also asked where we would like to eat, and we setup reservations later that night for their Asian Spice restaurant. First we went up to the room, (hoping for at least a suite!). The room was decent sized, but NOT a suite, though it probably was better than their cheap rooms, however definitely not up to par compared to the nicer rooms of the Borgata (where I usually get free suites!). We were only in the room for about half an hour before we headed off to dinner at Asian Spice.

On the way down to Asian Spice I decided to check my comps from my previous visit. I went to the players card machine and it said "Your comp minimum is not available at this time".  We tried several times, hoping this was an error but kept getting the same result. My host was to meet us at Asian Spice to make sure we get there fine, so I would ask him about it then. We met up and I asked about the comps and he explained to me that I shouldn’t use the machine to track my comps and that he is handling them and I should ask him if there is anything I need. I went on to tell him about how I had $550+ in comps and how I was told I can use them at the Destination Rewards shop and at the outlet stores…. he said this wasn’t the case. His phone started to ring and he had to make errands elsewhere… I’m still not sure on the game plan. Besides the dilemma with the comps, the food and service at Asian Spice was great, I had no complaints at all. It was actually very nice because it was very quiet and not busy at all. At the end I received the bill for $75, which also came with a comp receipt that was to cover up to $160 worth of food. (was this taken out of my $550+ in comps???)

After dinner Reena wasn’t feeling too well so we went up stairs for a bit. After watching some TV I headed down stairs to play some table games, while Reena stayed up stairs. I came back about two hours later and Reena told me about how horrible she was feeling and that she couldn’t sleep. She also mentioned how hard the bed was and that the pillows were flat and uncomfortable. I soon realized this as well, because it was the first time I had actually laid down on the bed as well. It was like laying on stacks of cardboard and the pillows were old and flattened. The Borgata has large glamorous beds with several big fluffy pillows. I can not stress how uncomfortable this bed was… even the covers were like thick sheets of layered paper.

It was around 2 am now and at this point I was very angry and Reena was upset. We were both looking towards this weekend for a while now. Now we are both just thinking about leaving. But first… I thought, "Hey, I’m a black card holder and this casino should actually go out of their way for me". I headed back downstairs to meet with someone in the VIP Lounge to see if they can help. I waited their for about a minute and no one was there. I then went to VIP Check In… same result. I ended up at the front desk and asked if any VIPs or hosts were available for me to talk with. I was then told they all went home… what kind of service is that!? I then asked who I could talk to… they gave me the phone and forwarded me to marketing services. I told the woman on the phone how horrible our the bed in our room was and I wanted to be updated to a suite or another room with better beds. I also told her I was an ULTRA card holder. At first she told me they were booked, then put me on hold for a few minutes while she checked again. Same result when she came back, and told me I should talk to my host tomorrow or see if they have any room openings then. I then told her I probably wouldn’t be here.

Very pissed off now I went back up stairs and told Reena to get everything ready as we were leaving. We headed downstairs and checked out… even had to pay a lousy $7.58 for tax on the room we were barely in. If the Resorts Casino and Hotel was a decent place at all, I would be there right now, instead of telling you about them. I’ll be sure to pass my frustration off to the casino, my host and the player rewards attendant that told me where and how I could use my comps. In the end… Resorts Atlantic City Sucks!

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    1. That’s easy for people close to Vegas to say! I’m guessing it’s more a matter of convenience if Zac lives close to AC.

  1. Zac, I have had great service at the Hilton. It looks like you play the house games, but I might be mistaken. If that is the case, you should check them out. I wrote a post about Hilton’s great customer service that I’ve experienced if you’re interested.

    If it’s poker you play, you’re better off playing elsewhere simply due to the small number of players there. However, you can still reap the benefits of their comp offers like I do by playing a little poker there during the day, then voyaging elsewhere at night.

      1. I stayed at the Resorts once with a friend, but we didn't even play there. We played elsewhere, came back at night, grabbed a seat at a slot machine, and grabbed the first waiter that came by to bring us a crap-load of drinks. 🙂

        I didn't take advantage of any comps or other services at the hotel though, as I hadn't been there previously and had nothing available to claim. As such, I can't really compare the service at Resorts to the service at Hilton. Plus I stay in the commoners' rooms, so I know nothing about how their suites or anything are.

  2. Zac,

    Interesting post, especially because I'll be going to AC on Friday. Few questions/comments for you:

    1) I'll actually be staying at the Sheraton (convention center), so I have about a 15 min walk to the boardwalk casinos. I'll probably end up playing there just because I'm going with a few friends, and I'm sure that's where they'll want to go.

    2) What's your usual pattern, and what did you to do to get such high comps in such a short period of time? I'm a big hold 'em fan, but I'll probably get into roulette a bit. I never knew how to do craps, but a friend that is going does play, so he'll be showing me.

    3) I only plan on dropping a couple hundred at the most, but I know that one of my friends is planning on dropping $2-$3k. If we're all in the same casino, would it make sense in any way to all use the same casino card? I've never gotten a card from a casino, so I'm not sure how it works…? Do you just go in an sign up?

    1. Hey Dave, good luck first off! Unfortunately the casinos will not let you combine game play on one card. Really the only way to rack up high comps fast, is with fast high game play. To get a card you can go up to any table and just hand them your license and tell them you want a players card. If you do this will all the casinos you will get a ton of crap in the mail from them all. I get over 20 offers/mailings a week from when I did this with a bunch of casinos in Vegas. Let me know how you make out.

  3. I swear the almost identical thing happened to me at Resorts. I play roughly $1000 per hand of Black Jack. The first time I got a beautiful suite everything was great. Second time they told me I had a suite awaiting – well they did – a old tiny junior suite. I was extremely unhappy I called to the front desk and said this is not what I wanted. I took my bags down to the front desk where they told me my host was unavailable. After about 30 aggravating minutes I spoke with another host who said they could not help me. I ended calling Harrahs where they always take care of me. I left and headed to Harrahs. Roughly one year later I got a call from the head of Player Development and he asked me why I haven’t been down. I explained and he apologized for my experience and offered me tickets to an Eagles/Cowboys game (the T.O. return game) in their suite + $3000 in Match Play + the suite, etc. I took them up on it. Everything went great and I forgive them for the one very bad experience. Although, this is not my main casino where I play. I have returned again since then and they took very good care of me. Although not as nice as Borgata or Harrahs but a decent casino. Perhaps a call into the head of Player Development, Robert Benz (I think that’s his name), may help change your mind.

  4. Just finished reading this post.
    From first hand experience I can vouch for this post. The same identical story happened to me at Resorts.But There are some positive things. First to balance out the BS you have to win money from being at Resorts. Second, remember the room the food and the entertainment is basically free if you won. Then most gamblers don’t sleep so the hard bed at resorts shouldn’t make much difference, but it is true about the beds there.The bed is like a blanket on the pavement. But the view of the atlantic ocean is absolutely gorgeous from Resorts. That is a plus, also there safe is good and the bathrooms are fancy. But like I said, my advice to anyone who goes to Resorts is to not fall for the hustle they run. Take the room (it’;s free) play some big money, run away with it. Leave your bags and stuff in the room and go to another casino. DONE.

  5. I have been a loyal patron of Harrah's over twenty years high praises for Harrah's until past few months. What is going on? (platiun plus player thpught I may have move to diamond this summer or fall, since I had much more time, but with no offers this does not seem possible)


    Borgota I stayed many times in beginning and my preference for cleanliness and overall experience, any of the AC casinos you will be treated more respectfully and fairly, player rewards they are a joke the worst as many will tell you.

  6. If you think you were treated badly as a casino player, you should see how they treat employees.

  7. While it sounds like this casino has other problems, the fact is you are a little ignorant about how comps work in general. When a player moves up to the higher levels of any casino their comp points move out of the normal balance procedures that most low level gamblers deal with. Hosts still keep track, but they overcomp as well. When you use a complimentary offer in a casino or get free rooms or meals they almost always come out of your comp balance. If they don't, they are usually labeled as free instead of comp. You probably used up a significant amount of comp points with that weekend room, even though it wasnt a suite, and at least $100 of comps on the meal (they should have refunded the unused comps back to the account.)

    Now, since you were their highest card level, they would still overcomp you, but casinos never overcomp people items from outlet stores or partners, only inhouse products that they can write off. The problem seems to be you were trying to be a comp counter and a high roller at the same time, which you can't. Either let the hosts take care of things for you or refuse a host and manage your comps yourself. Should the host have been available for you? Absolutely, and if you were a high enough player they should have given you their cell phone number.

    As for the Sopranos thing, that was your own fault for not booking earlier. Events have limits, and the people you were competing with for that event were most likely just as important as you were if not more so. You had a chance to book, and if you had booked it instead of dicking around then there would not have been a problem. However, you didn't. Remember, you can *always* call back and cancel. People get screwed when they try to wait to the last minute to get the best of everything. Some people who really are whales can get away with that, most people, even higher end players like yourself, usually can't.

  8. Yeah I been going to Resorts for a long time now. I used to get $150 in slot cash Sun thru Thurs, and $300-$400 Fri and Sat night. Well once this new guy Gomes took over that went down to $30 just on weekends. The machines used to hit, Now you cant even get a lousy 4 of a kind on any machine. And its not just me ,everyone I talk to says the same thing, Boy you Vegas people are lucky… Revel opens in a month and im def there.. Borgata is great too. Resorts used to be good, Now it SUCKS…

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